Searching for a Financial Medical Miracle

After getting a rip roaring round of shots last week, Parker spent the weekend doing a lot of this:


Reed and I have been trying to deal with the anxiety inducing stack of medical bills that have been finding their way into our mailbox the last few days.


This might not seem like a lot until you realize that we have enough of these bills to wallpaper a decent sized room with.

And we got a new shipment in today. sigh.

I many hours working with many different agencies to try and get help with these. But, as usual, we fall through each and every crack there is.

Put all of those cracks together and you create a chasm that no family would ever be able to find their way out of.

We have gone over things with a social worker through PCMC. The very same social worker that when Parker was a 2 day old premie and had just been wheeled into surgery to create his colostomy, came running down the hall while at the top of his lungs wanting to know HOW we were planning to pay for this surgery.

Sensitive, no?

We have applied for financial aid with our Home Health Care Company….and were denied.

One agency wanted to know how many hours a month my SIXTEEN YEAR OLD DAUGHTER worked. Because they considered THAT to be income too.

Scratch the idea of us getting any kind of charitable care. We need to start praying for a financial miracle.

I’m overwhelmed. And a little discouraged too.

Make that really discouraged.

I am convinced that Reed having a job and insurance has hurt us more than helped. Without a job or insurance there is a vast array of help we would qualify for. But work your butt off all your life……..and need some temporary help to keep your home…..while you continue to work your butt off?

Sorry. Outta luck.

Last week was the major Children’s Miracle Network radio and telethons to raise money for Primary Children’s hospital. Every 30 minutes one of the hosts would talk about how care would be given to a child regardless of your ability to pay.

Last year 9 million dollars of charitable care was given to families who couldn’t pay at PCMC.

We weren’t one of those families.

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