Plan B


Today’s weigh in was dismal. Depressingly so. Both Reed and I thought that Parker was feeling heavier, and I was all set to record the event for posterity.

On to plan B.

Bath Time. Parker still teeny enough to use our kitchen sink for his bathing enjoyment. Which isn’t such a bad thing considering my back is still giving me a bit of grief.

Fresh from the tub…, sink:


Does the kid not look like a tic tac toe board of war wounds. But fear not! They are all scheduled to be reversed.

Some Day.

Oh. The hairy arm in the background belongs to Reed. Any hairy legs you may see though would be mine.

But one of the exciting moments of the day……new trach ties! Look! See those adorable little Duckies? They are what all the stylin’ dudes are sporting this season. MUCH cuter than the plain boring ones.

Okay. Humor me. Remember. I don’t get out much.


Off to fight fires with his handy dandy firetruck.

Just yet another way that the world is a much better place with Parker in it.



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