12 Days of Christmas: Catchin’ Up!

I’ve been running around like a wild woman.

Yeah.  I know.  What’s new?


I’ve been trying to get my hands on a mini button for Parker.  We used our back up g-tube and ordered  new ones over a week and a half ago.

They just barely made it to the warehouse in San Fran.  Praying that a certain Hero doesn’t pull this button out, bite it, and then bring it over to me.

See what I deal with over here?

Then I needed to make sure I had a nice supply of Parker’s medications so that we don’t run out over the holidays.  Holidays on which the pharmacy is closed.

This is the stuff that can wake me up in the middle of the night and not allow me to fall back to sleep.

But things that have made our Holiday more ring with more than just a little bit of magic?   Bringing even excitement to my kids that are taller than I am?

The Elves that drop off the 12 Days of Christmas to our doorstep.

Without us having a clue or hearing a thing. I usually have kids running to the door before anyone even has a chance to knock. That tells you that these Elves are good.

And because I want a to keep a record so I can one day to this for another family, I need to catch up:

The Ninth Day of Christmas:


Kneaders. I adore Kneaders. Aside from a bookstore, Kneaders would be a dream job for me. Making artisan breads all day long? I’m in!

The first loaf of bread was toasted and became breakfasts topped with butter and jam.

And because it was whole grain AND had hazelnuts in it, I used it in Parker’s blenderized diet today since I forgot to make up a batch of grains (buckwheat in this instance) for him last night.

ah! I tell ya, I’m losing brain cells by the second.

Tonight we’ll (finally) be making our Gingerbread Houses, so the second loaf will go towards a Panni or 15, and the Creamy Wild Rice soup will serve as some fine dipping opportunities. Yum.

What? You don’t dip your toasted sandwiches in your soup? You are missing out my friends.

On the 10th Day of Christmas, as quiet as a mouse our Elves left:


When my kids opened this up, Rigel looked at me wide eyed and asked, How’d they know?”

Rigel and I had made a trip to Macey’s earlier in the day to pick a few groceries. (Now is a GREAT time to cherry pick, which means going in and picking up the sales. So many baking supplies on sale. I don’t buy much prepackaged stuff, but I did pick up several boxes of Stove Top Stuffing @.99 each. That’s the cheapest I’ve seen it all season. It’s a super quick side dish on a busy night. Western Family Olives were on sale for .88 and Swanson Broth was on sale for .35 cents a can with the coupon that’s out now. I usually make my own broth, but this is a good deal for those of you that don’t.) One of the items on our list was the sparkling cider that was on sale. We wanted to pick up a couple of bottles for our family’s New Year’s Eve toast.

But, the store was crowded, we were in a bit of a hurry, and much to Rigel’s dismay we forgot the sparkling cider.

I’m telling ya, Rigel seriously believes that our Elves have some sort of pipeline to our family’s heart.


I’m beginning to think the same exact thing.


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