You’d think it would get easier……



You think it would get easier with each surgery Parker undergoes.

It doesn’t.

As a matter of fact I think the more times my kid is put under anesthesia the more stressful it is.  Especially after reading the negative crap that goes on after a kid has been under anesthesia.

It always takes awhile to get back to where he was academically.

He’s always mad at me for having been in the hospital.

I worry not only about what’s going on while he’s away from me, but what funky kinds of stuff he may be exposed to.  PCMC has had it’s share of funky outbreaks this summer.  All of which I’d rather not bring home as a souvenir.

Mr. Goofball, so zinged up on steroids (still!) that we’re practically having to sit on him to to brush his teeth.


They called me from Primary’s and asked me to fill out all kinds of online forms.  Two hours later, just as I finished,  someone from Primary’s called and asked for the exact same information over the phone.  Again.  For the third time.   This kind of stuff makes me grouchy.  If I had to give all this info over the phone three times, why did I also have to fill it out online?  And of course tomorrow they will ask for everything again.   I’m not sure if I should be happy they are so precise, or if I should be worried that no matter how many times I offer up every med my kid takes, someone calls and needs to know……again.


Tomorrow isn’t anything serious.  I’m thankful for that.  An over-nighter.  Then hopefully home on Thursday better than we left.


Your prayers?  Why we’d love them.

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  1. Sugar Loco
    Aug 21, 12
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