You KNOW you’re a Special Needs Mama when…

We are home from the hospital.  Brave Hero is still sick, but we are (knock on wood) managing it all at home.  I’ll update on Parker a little bit later today. 

But first…….



Recently my Twitter stream was overcome with truths concerning life with a child with special needs.   I’m sharing them with you below, and invite you to add YOUR own in the comments section.


The school district’s Director of Special Ed and the State Director of Special Ed know you on a first name basis.

You buy don’t clothes with tags.

You had crash course in legislation post-dx.  (Can I get an AMEN!?)

You’ve wanted to strangle a parent of a typical kid who says your kid just needs some discipline.

You consider internet friends you’ve never met to be some of your best friends.

Your kid has been on almost every med known to mankind.

Your twitter friends understand you and your child better than your local friends and family.

You know what day of the week it is by the professional you have an appointment with.

Your child only eats one color of food.

You secretly smile when your kid gets into age appropriate trouble.

You decorate your house for Christmas weeks early because you know your odds of being in the hospital over the holidays are sky high.

You have several complicated locks on your doors/windows as well as alarms to stop your child from getting out.

Your kid just dropped a grape and now the ENTIRE day is ruined.

You pray your typical kids don’t grow up resenting all the time you spend with their special needs sibling.

You live at the end of a bungee cord.

You can’t die.  EVER.

And….my favorites:

You know what Happy Dancing is really and truly all about.

Your child has taught you more about love life and what truly matters, than the other way around.

You wouldn’t change your child for the world- but want often to change the world for your child !


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  1. that last one is perfect. Hope Parker is doing better, he continues to be in our prayers.
    Heidi recently posted..Decorating for ChristmasMy Profile

  2. Been wondering about the Brave Hero…glad to see a post. Still praying. Hang in there.

    Your compassion for other peoples’ “problems” turns into total disdain for their whining. Is that too evil to write?
    Michelle Halcomb recently posted..My Lucky NumberMy Profile

  3. So glad you’re home!

    You know you’re a special needs mom when you put the stuffed animals to work (holding syringes, oxygen, etc).

    You know you’re a special needs mom when you hear every little sniffle and cough, when before someone had to hack up a lung in front of you to notice that there might be a problem.

    You know you’re a special needs mom when you’re over the moon when you’re told your child has a 60% chance of living another 10 years (as opposed to only 5% chance of seeing their first birthday).

    And I had a bunch more, but of course, that was when I wasn’t near a computer. Praying for a continued strong recovery.
    Rebekah recently posted..Who’d have thunk it?My Profile

  4. You know you’re the Mom of a special needs child if you’ve ever gotten weird looks going through airport security because you have a high powered blender in your carry on.
    … if you’ve ever said something like “… he stopped breathing, so we got him going again and he’s doing much better today. Anyway, how are YOU?”

    • Tammy and Parker says:

      heh. I’d so be one of those Mamas with a high powered blender.

      I have to give you great kudos for the “he stopped breathing…….” I’m pretty sure that’s when every one of my senses would shut down and I’d black out. My greatest fear is Parker throwing a mucus plug that I can’t move. We have an ambu bag for Parker and I seriously need to renew my training with it. Putting that on my calendar NOW!

      • Tammy, I can’t know your anguish and anxiety; we haven’t had those critically ill times. But I can identify with your “I can’t die – EVER!” as both of us are over our expected life spans and it’s a toss up to see who goes first.. You know where I stand!

        I pray that Parker will feel much better REAL soon! Jane
        Jane Schulz recently posted..Smile, Baby, Smile!My Profile

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