Well, Parker, my Mom and I made the trek up to PCMC to have the surgeon take a look at the surgery site and remove some stitches. (He removed half of them, but left the ones around the larger stoma.)

It is quite the feat to get Parker to a Doctor’s appointment. I start preparations the night before. And I make no appointments before 12:00 if I can at anyway help it.

The surgeon was running a bit behind schedule. But Parker was happy to observe the other kids playing and just hanging out in his beloved stroller, Big Bertha.

Then, about a half an hour into our wait, we were greeted with a terrifying, yet familiar smell. Imagine a little waiting room. Quite a few parents. Even more diapered butts.

You know the law of averages is such that one of those butts will be busily engaged in mass production.

My Mom looked at me and asked if that could be Parker we smelled. Nope. Ostomy bag output has it’s own very distinctive calling card, plus I had just noticed a beautiful little Mexican boy dancing around with his hands down the back of his pants screaming to his Mom the word caca!

Unfortunately, I think this his Mom must have forgotten that she spoke Spanish or was even willing to acknowledge that this was her kid. Because she just kept turning her head to the other side each time her son moved into her field of vision doing his dance and shouting out one of the very few words everyone else in the entire room understood perfectly.

It got so rank in that waiting room that the rest of the parents started eyeballing each other and mentally drawing straws to determine which one of us was going to donate a diaper and a box of wipes and give this Mom very detailed directions to the nearest Caca Room.

Luckily it was right then that Parker’s name was called and we got to go back to the clinic room. Ah. Fresh air was never so appreciated.

Bottom line. Parker’s surgery site looks great. The surgeon then wanted to schedule Parker’s first Pull Down surgery for January.


I gently explained that there was simply no way my nerves could be to the point of taking on this next procedure so soon. I hadn’t even been trained in how to change out a g-tube yet. And I am kind of a girl who needs to feel as though she has mastered one skill before she moves on to another. And these Pull Down surgeries are no walk in the park. The are very invasive and come with a TON of post op therapies.

So I cried WUS! and we decided to bring Parker back up to PCMC the end of January were we would do his first G-tube change out. And THEN schedule the first Pull Through Surgery. The surgeon doesn’t want to wait past the end of March.

Funny thing. Reed and I were just talking about how the only holiday we had yet to spend at PCMC was Easter.


I’ve got to get ready to get my real crown put on my tooth. My temp crown fell off while I was at PCMC with Parker this last go around. I’ve been eating on the right side of my mouth since Thanksgiving. I’m praying my teeth haven’t shifted and that this new crown still fits.

Wish me luck.

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