Yard Sales: A Homeschooling Mom’s Best Friend

It’s no secret that I am a lover of sales taking place in the yards and garages of others. June through August here can find lots of these events happening each and every Saturday.

Armed with my weekly stash of quarters, and accompanied by my side kick Rigel, I go in search of treasures spanning all sorts of exciting categories.

This Saturday we hit the jackpot in the Homeschooling category.


This board book is taller than Parker is. It set me back $1.00.


Guess how much I spent on each of these barely used board books? Just take a wild guess.

Aw, the heck with it. I’m too excited to make you guess.

TEN cents. TEN pennies each. Be still my heart. There were even several hardback books I purchased for TEN teeny, tiny little cents each. I was in luuuurve.

Rigel was pretending not to know who I was.

But that was just the tip of the ice berg folks. Guess how much EACH of the items below cost.



This book came with little magnetic shapes which to match up to the shapes found inside the book.


This Baggie Maggie will come in handy as we teach Parker about getting dressed. Yeah, I looked but there weren’t any Baggie Boy Dolls. Eh, it’ll still work.


A wooden Domino game. Perfect condition. Pristine. The lady hosting the sale said that most of this stuff were toys that her kids just never got around to playing.

I was tempted to ask if this lady might send out a newsletter announcing the next time she would be hosting a yard sale. But I didn’t want to seem too tacky. Especially since I walked away with a HUGE bag filled of fantastic loot for the grand total of $4.00.

I was able to snatch up a bunch of great books for Kensley as well as Parker. I’m just too lazy to pull them all off the bookshelf, take pictures of them, and the put them all back.

What can I say? Lazy happens.

Oh, yeah. Those items pictured up above? They were each TEN cents too.

I was driving Reed nuts yesterday as I would pick up an item and then ask him to guess how much I had paid for it.

TEN cents!” I would then shout out.  I think I included a goofy little happy dance once or twice too.

After each of my exclamations, Reed would simply look at me and roll his eyes.

I, of course, took this as a sign of Reed’s undying love and gratitude for all the money I saved by shopping yard sales.

Or something like that.

So.  Did anybody else score anything worth dancing about this weekend?


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  2. Maria Jun 21, 09
  3. Heidi Jun 21, 09
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    Jun 22, 09
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