Yard Sale Search of 2014

It’s the busiest shopping season of the year!  My Bailey Girl and I have been out on the hunt three times already!  She’s decorating a brand new gorgeous and hip condo and, well, I’m looking for practical items.  Whether looking for the practical or the fun stuff it’s all about the hunt!  So without further ado, let the great Yard Sale Search of 2014 begin!

My Yard Sale Search items for this year include:

Fun Fish Counters

  • Things I can use for Parker’s homeschooling.  Purchasing complete home school programs are way  pricey, and I don’t like getting stuck with just one choice of presenting and reinforcing a concept.  I once had a Mama of several kids with special needs tell me that I’d begin to look at yard sales in an entirely different light…….I see all the things that could be used as therapy items!
  • Two lamps.  Silver.  Light colored shades with plain, non-pleated shades.

A young woman holding a sign Beautiful Curly Girly NOT included. 

  • Things I can use for gifts.  Things that look brand new.
  • Clothes for my Curly Girly who will be either doing her Internship or Student Teaching.  Things like this shirt, still with the tags on that I picked up for two bucks.
  • A young woman holding a sign
  • I’m always on the look out for garden stuff.  I picked up high end tomato cages that run anywhere from $15.00-19.00 locally for a $1.00 each.
  • Books.  Books.  And, well, more books.  Especially books for Parker.  I still have issues for paying  over a buck for a hardback book at a yard sale, but that’s inflation for ya.

Two books

Ocean Book

Last year I kept finding brand new, still in the box, sets of glasses.  I wish I had grab a couple of boxes, cause guess what is on my list this year?

  • Size 6/7 clothes for my almost 10 year old.  ahem. 
  • And finally, the big item of the season…..a new chair for Parker’s Safe Room.  We have an office chair in there that was pretty comfortable, but it’s officially bitten the dust and a new one needs to be procured.  I’d love to find a real wood rocking chair with removable cushions I could throw into the washing machine.  I’d even be fine with painting it.   We’ll see how lucky I get!

I love the fact that I can employ my yard sailing skills in order to help reach our ultimate goal of finally paying Parker off.

What kind of skills do you employ in order to pay down your debt?

Will you be hitting the yard sales this year?  What is on your yard sale search list for 2014?



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