Wrinkled sheets and time management.

I don’t iron my sheets any more.  Yes, I know there are those of you who think that ironing sheets is a symptom of a deeper issue, but my mom ironed her sheets and well, the cleaning gene doesn’t fall far from the ironing board.  As I’ve been working on a better time management system, I’ve been giving up some of my usual things I do around the house.

Ironing sheets was my first step in a multi stepped system to free up some sanity.

The next step was Reed putting in a drip irrigation system in our garden to help keep the weeds down.  I don’t have time to weed and really, who wakes up in the morning harboring great excitement to pull out yet another glob of morning glory.  By not watering the weeds we are hoping to have less of the suckers pop up.

Plus it will save money on our watering bill.  Reed is for anything that saves him money.

Using white towels in the bathroom.

Then I decided it was time to quit worrying if my towels matched my bath mats in my bathrooms.  I was constantly finding towels  belonging in one bathroom that had been put away in another bathroom.

Purple towels in my bathroom with the cinnamon colored shower curtain.  People.  Please.

Yes, another bit of my weird coming to light.

The real kicker though is when one of my kids would take an upstairs towel down to the basement bathroom and then use it to dry their face after they used a face wash with anything oxy in it.  One giant bleached out spot in the middle of a colored towel.  Sweet.

So I’ve decided that as my towels wear out, I’m replacing them with boring white towels.

Boring white will mean that any towel can go into any bathroom and I will no longer waste time hyperventilating when one of my kids ruins a colored towel.

Remember, everyone’s version of time management is unique.  I won’t laugh at yours if you don’t let me see you laughing at mine.

My FAVORITE method of time management would be called a Maid, but that ain’t ever gonna happen.  So I’m having to find things to give up that won’t give me a debilitating case of the shakes each time I notice it hasn’t been done.

  • Wrinkled sheets.
  • Less weeds.
  • White towels.

It’s a start, Baby.

What chores around your homestead have you given up in the name of sanity?  I need me some more ideas.




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