Would it kill them to stop doing that? The R-word and it’s derivatives.

Is a lack of consideration the new black of today’s social culture?

When I’m really in the mood to raise my blood pressure I’ll find myself reading the comments section of our local Utah newspapers, namely the comments following articles on the topics of education or politics.

I don’t know why I do this to myself.  If I were wise, I’d totally ignore both of those issues in this state. Embrace the whole ignorance is bliss idea. Instead, I regularly keep up to date with the decisions made by or about to be made by those holding public office.    I guess it has to do with me preferring to see what is about to come barreling down the track at me rather than being blindsided.

What keeps popping out at me isn’t the political views of others, but a single word: Ut*rd.  You know, like the r-word, but more local.


Each time I read that word I can’t help but cringe.  Yes, I understand they aren’t specifically talking about Parker.  But it isn’t exactly helping  those who live with intellectual disabilities either. Let’s face it, even if they aren’t referring to Parker they are referring to SOMEONE with an intellectual disability. 

Why do people seem to think the r-word is so amazing that it even deserves it’s own derivative?

Even BYU fans are resorting to calling Ute fans…..what else?  U-t*ards.

Every once in awhile my fingers itch to reply to a comment something like this: “Dude! Would it kill you to take the word ret*rd and anything like it out of your vocabulary?”  I know enough to understand that the comments section of my local newspaper isn’t the audience that is going to seriously take into account the harm this word does for those with special needs.

Odds are,  there is always going to be someone who feels that using those with intellectual disabilities as the butt of their jokes to be well within their constitutional rights.  Too bad they can’t realize that this pinnacle of their vocabulary shows  their moral age to reside somewhere on the negative side of the number line.


I sometimes daydream about if I could get one person to understand….and they could get one person to understand…and then they could get one person to understand……

Well, could you imagine the difference we could make?


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  1. Consider yourself liked. I’ve seen a lot of conversations recently about the ‘r’ word and it seems like it’s becoming less and less socially acceptable, even over the past few years. I don’t know if that’s actually the case, but, for example, I never hear it from my kids or their friends. Adults, it seems, are the biggest offenders.

  2. Claire says:

    I just called out 2 of my friends for using similar words.I’m not going to write the words here. They didn’t even know that they were insulting people with intellectual disabilities and were embarrassed when they found out. I don’t think they’ll be using them again.

  3. Cathy says:

    Oh that word makes me mad. (U-tards). What is the matter with Utahan’s that they think this is acceptable. Just like a certain movie opening tomorrow here in Utah. It isn’t funny. They have changed the trailer and want to say that is not how they meant it but it is at best a double entendre and an unacceptable title, as they well knew when they debated whether or not to go with that title. Wrong choice.

  4. When I taught middle school that word used to make me so mad. The kids would ask why they couldn’t say it. I would explain why and the connotations along with saying it. Some would push further and I would explain that I have a family member with a mental disability. It’s such a horrible ugly word. Hopefully my time in the schools taught a few kids that the “r” word is NOT okay.

  5. Liked your facebook page. How can you not with that adorable little face smiling at you. :)
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