World Down Syndrome Day 3.21.12

I spent a long time trying to figure out what I wanted to say today. Did I want to do a walk down Memory Lane?  Did I want to talk fact vs. myth?  Did I want to talk about the realities of life with a kid and an extra chromosome? 

Truth be told, I’m thigh high in the nursing situation again.  I’m also working on getting bids on different ideas to provide Parker with a means to breathe for a prolonged period of time when the power goes out.  Have you ever felt a nagging need to address something…..kind of like your heart is yelling at you to get something done, asap?  Well, that is what I am feeling with this generator issue.

So I decided to let my kids do the talking today.  Out of 6 kids only three were home to hold up their words, and the youngest one was too grouchy to participate. Even so, I think you’ll still get our message:

An extra chromosome is something to celebrate…..not fear. 















How about you?  How are you celebrating World Down Syndrome Day?   Rumor has it Utah’s First Lady will be using flood lights to color the Capitol Building BLUE, one of the colors of Down syndrome awareness.


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  1. I’m celebrating simply today. I’ve looked deep into my little man’s big brown eyes and told him as I often do, “You are treasured. You are amazing. You are loved. I thank God for you.” Happy Down Syndrome Day, Noah, Parker, and to all of the people on this planet who are blessed to know someone with Down syndrome, and for those who sacrifice every day to give them the support they need to be living life fully.
    Alyson recently posted..A Week of “a”s – WednesdayMy Profile

    • Tammy and Parker says:

      Alyson, simple is beautiful. And Happy Down Syndrome Day right back to you! xoxo

  2. Wow this is gorgeous! We ate cake. Any excuse, right?! Xxx
    Alice recently posted..peeling off the labels – a post for World Down’s Syndrome DayMy Profile

    • Tammy and Parker says:

      Oh, Alice. Cake. What a great idea. I’ll have to put that on the agenda for next year!

  3. Merry's mum says:

    My daughter has Down syndrome but is a older than Parker, and I don’t face many of the issues you do Tammy, but your little guy keeps me coming back. Something very compelling about the lil’ critter.

    For Down syndrome awareness day, I celebrated (was yesterday) that my 16 y.o. daughter was, on that day, INVITED ON A DATE. A REAL DATE. THE BOY CALLED, THEY MADE A DATE. That is such a cool thing to happen on DS awareness day. (no, he does not have DS, in case you’re wondering :)) Heaven help me, I wonder if he will want to kiss her? Oh boy….

    • Tammy and Parker says:

      Merry’s Mum…..oh, I hope you do keep coming back…..because I now HAVE to know about that date. Hope you are willing to share!

  4. hello, i found you on the montessori special needs pinterest board. We have a lot in common!
    I invite you will check out my blog too! We have two children with special needs, a 22 yr old with autism who wishes to remain anonymous, and a 13 yr old daughter disabled from brain tumor surgery.

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