Wishing on Christmas

Reed nudges me;  his chin directing my eyes to where Parker is hanging out in front of the tree, buddy-ing up with his new BFF, Brown Bear.  (Thanks, Brooke!)   These two are wishing on Christmas,  I just know it.

Of course this tree only has ornaments half way down it’s boughs.  Cause redecorating this sucker several times a day was getting old.  Real old.  But that doesn’t dull the magic.  Not for a Brave Hero and his bear, anyway.

Parker and his bear.

I can’t help but wonder what this littlest Hodson boy is thinking.  Is he remembering the fun we had with homemade slime today?  Going out to swing even with snow on the ground?  Or is he simply lost in the beauty of the colored lights reflecting off the shiny ornaments.

I find myself thankful for so many things tonight.  A warm home.  Food on our table.  Love of family and friends.  A place to clean my clothes and lay my head.  A husband that loves me and works so very hard for our family.   It sounds kind of corny I know.  But it’s still what I’m thinking of as I watch Parker dream.


Parker giving his bear a kiss.

When I was a little girl you could find me wishing  on Christmas too.  Back then  I’d wish for little girl things, now I wish for Mama things.  I wish for a cure for Pulmonary Hypertension, acceptance for those who are different, and that all the beds in all the children’s hospitals would never be needed again.

They say that a dream is a wish your heart makes. So dream on Hero boy.  Embrace the beauty of Christmas and the love of a Savior that holds you tightly in His care.   And know that your Mama will do all she can to make your wishes come true.




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