Will Work For Hugs and Kisses

I’ve always loved crafting. As long as it doesn’t include sewing or the need for any real talent, I’m your girl. :) Before Parker was born I was co-owner of my own home based soap making company and I’ve been a consultant for Close To My Heart.

I didn’t realize until lately how much I need a creative outlet. And how much I’ve missed it.

I’ve spent the last 2.95 years focusing on the health of a certain little guy. That along with taking care of my other kids and trying to keep my house clean has left barely enough time to brush my teeth or take the occasional shower, much less craft.

But you know that saying about cleaning your house while your kids are still growing…….is like shoveling snow while it is still snowing?

It. Is. So. True.

Before Parker was born I was able to keep my house clean and organized. It was part of my Type A Personality that I was darn proud of.

But now with the blessing of Parker comes a bit of wisdom. A girl can be a bit too Martha if you get my drift. She can be so consumed by living the letter of the law that she totally misses out on the spirit of it. And her spirit can suffer from that. As can the spirits of her kids.

So while I am still all about keeping my house, I want to focus on making it a home. And focus a little on nourishing my spirit. And the spirit of each of my kids. Even the spirits of the ones who are taller than me.

If I don’t get all the laundry done each and every day that is okay. If it is a choice between cleaning a bathroom or playing a board game with my kids, well the bathrooms will be there tomorrow. I’ve got a limited amount of todays with my kids.

Parker likes my new approach and has decided to help me out so with the work around here so I can get on to the fun stuff much quicker.

Will Work For Hugs and Kisses

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