Why Parker Loves ThredUp

A few weeks ago I clicked on a referral link to ThredUp from one of my friends.  I needed to purchase new shorts for a certain Brave Hero who has FINALLY outgrown the ones he’s been wearing for the last 2+ years.

I’m usually a HUGE thrift store and yard sale girl. Except in my area thrift stores are charging almost new prices for stuff that has seen better (way better) days.  Yard sales are following in the same trend.  It seems as though finding size 5 shorts and pants in good condition is a little like going snipe hunting.

A box of clothes from ThredUp

Because I shopped through my friend’s referral link, I got $10.00 off my purchase (she got a $10.00 credit) and at that time ThredUp was offering free shipping too. 

Shirts from ThredUp

My items averaged out to be about $4.00 each.  All in EXCELLENT condition; some with tags still in place, all name brands.  (I’m not a brand snob by any means, I just know how certain brands hold up and how certain ones don’t. Seeing as Parker can wear stuff for two years I need everything I purchase to be of the holds up well camp.)

An outfit from ThredUp

One polo top I ordered came with a little sticker telling me that it was flawed.  I looked all over that shirt and could not find the flaw.  And yet they had credited my account and sent it to me anyway.  I call that excellent customer service.

A Brand new Hanna Andersson Polo from ThredUp

One small dude is going to be stylin’ this summer.  For not so much money.

For those who may be looking to outfit a Hero of their own, I’m  sharing my referral link   You’ll get $10.00 off your first purchase.  And Parker will get a $10.00 credit towards his next wardrobe update.

When your order arrives you will receive a ‘clean out bag’ for you to fill with clothes you’d like to sell to ThredUp.  You can choose to cash out your booty or use it towards a new purchase.


I’m not affiliated with ThredUp in ANY way, just a very satisfied customer, who wants to share with Parker’s readers something that has worked really well for us!

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  1. I check out the thrift stores in Utah when I come to visit my family and they are awful when it comes to price and quality. The thrift stores in my area of California are amazing, great prices and wonderful quality. It has been fun dressing my daughter in 90% thrift store clothing because she can have the wardrobe that I want for her with out breaking the bank. If we didn’t have that Thread Up looks like it would be a great alternative.

  2. Chris says:

    I know a certain little boy in my house that blows out the knees of nearly every pair of pants that he owns, therefore making passing them along pretty impossible. Maybe that’s why they’re hard to find? Others have the same experience? Shirts last forever, it seems, but pants- not so much!

  3. Christine Deeths says:

    I have really liked thred up for the last several years, and they are now starting womens clothes too. Someone told me about Moxie Jean recently, I have not tried them yet, but she likes it better than thred up.

  4. Do you still need stuff? Not sure about our size 5 collection but I can check. Or hit me up when you need 6s.

  5. ThredUp is currently offering 35% off + FREE Shipping to all new customers through 6/30/13. Just enter code KPC35 at checkout! :)

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