Who took my groove and how do I get it back?

I’m feeling a little overwhelmed these days.

Parker’s sleeping heart rate has increased.

When all is good in the world, Parker’s sleeping heart rate on his vent is in the 50-60’s.

Lately it’s been moving up.  Yesterday’s nap found his heart rate in the 90’s.

Parker’s regular, non resting heart rate has stayed the same.  And his Oxygen sats are excellent.

Parker is on two new meds…..an antibiotic to help clear up the last of the thick green snot from the RSV, and Zyrtec.

I called the pharmacist and asked if either the new antibiotic or the Zyrtec could be causing issues with his resting heart rate.

Interestingly enough, Zyrtec can raise a resting heart rate and muck with a kid’s blood pressure.  It can also cause dizziness and your body’s way of dealing with this is for the blood pressure to go up.

Starting tomorrow we’ll hold the Zyrtec and start praying that is what is causing Parker’s resting heart rate to go up.

Cause it’s stuff like this that can freak a Mama out.  Especially with Parker’s history.  In the past his heart rate increasing hasn’t been a good indicator of his pulmonary hypertension.

But usually it goes hand in hand with his O2 requirements going up.  So who knows what could be lurking around the corner.

I’m not feeling strong enough to deal with any surprises of the type that like to jump out at your when you least expect it.

After this last bout with RSV, pneumonia, AND recovering from my surgery, I’m behind in my life.

A WHOLE lot.

Parker’s homeschooling has taken a nose dive.    I need to get back on track with this.

My house.  Oy.

My 21 year old and I are having a bit of a stand off as to his laundry.

I feel as though a 21 year old that just spent the last two years of his life doing his own laundry on his mission is very capable to continuing to do his laundry now that he is home.

The 21 year old disagrees.

I am very tired of doing laundry.

And the 21 year old will indeed lose this battle.

In the meantime I’m going to spend the next few days trying to find my groove again.

While I’m searching would you mind sending up a prayer or two asking that Parker’s increased heart rate is from the Zyrtec and not something waiting to smack us upside the head as we get closer to this next corner?


  1. Cathy Apr 15, 10
  2. Trish
    Apr 15, 10
  3. Regina Apr 16, 10
  4. Heather
    Apr 16, 10
  5. Barbara
    Apr 16, 10
  6. Tiffany Apr 16, 10
  7. Annie Apr 16, 10
  8. Chris Apr 18, 10
  9. Paige Apr 19, 10
  10. Janet Apr 19, 10
  11. Jen in NY Apr 19, 10
  12. aTXtumbleweed Apr 23, 10
  13. Glenda Apr 24, 10
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