Oh Well.

Stephanie’s offer of performing a benefit concert for Parker has been on the table for several months. I didn’t want to accept such an offer unless I could do justice at our part of promoting it. I waited until several friends had told us that they would be available to help us in anyway what so ever. All we had to do was call. Please let them know. They had been wanting to help but didn’t know what we needed.

I touched base with a few of the makers of these offers only to receive either total silence over the phone or the total deer in the headlights stare in reply when the subject was brought up in person.

Oh Well.

I promise you that 99.9 times out of 100 when we are asked how things are going or if we need any help at all, both Reed and I plaster a fake smile on our faces and lie through our teeth as we reply that everything is great. Couldn’t be better. We are doing swell. No worries.

So I’m thinking that instead of putting anyone through that again it may just be easier to cancel the concert. Summer is coming and people are busy with their own families. That is totally understandable. Hearts are in the right place, life is just busy. I’ve been there and done that myself.

And, really. Our family is doing swell. Everything is great. No worries.


  1. Melissa May 24, 07
  2. Mrs. Mac May 24, 07
  3. annie May 24, 07
  4. Rebecca P May 24, 07
  5. Amber H. May 25, 07
  6. Nancy Jensen May 25, 07
  7. Kim May 25, 07
  8. Rebecca May 25, 07
  9. LeeJo May 25, 07
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