Where the big Happy Birthday post SHOULD be….

Parker hardly ever spikes a fever.    But he sure did last night.

102 before the Moltrin finally kicked in….which was right about the time we had to crank his oxygen concentrator up to 6 liters per hours.  That’s 3 times more than usual.


Bright and early this morning Reed and Kensley took Parker down to the after hours Pedi.  Parker’s lungs don’t sound so hot.  And the x-ray told us why:


It’s a really rotten trick when the fates collide and a Brave Hero finds himself with a rip-roaring  (what we believe to be)  aspiration pneumonia.


Remember me telling you that Parker had lost his lower two front teeth?  Well with that grand accomplishment came slobber.  Lots and lots of wet coming out of his mouth constantly.  We know that Parker aspirates on his saliva.  It goes down the wrong way and lands in his lungs.  And with the utter flood of dribble this kid has been making….well that’s the thought anyhow.

Parker’s lungs sound rough.  Really rough.  You can hear an almost growling sound in his right lung, which isn’t suppose to be there, ifkwim.

So, we’ll hold off on the birthday party until it’s honoree is healthy enough to enjoy it. 



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