When the cute wears thin..

Sometimes your kid picks up a habit (or fifty) that no amount of cuteness makes up for.

For Parker it’s his never ending desire to throw things.

What can I say?  I have a hard time seeing the cute while dodging projectiles that have lately provided way too many  opportunities to use profanity.

After engaging in the inappropriate, Parker will then either look at me and very solemnly  sign “No!” or look at me and start laughing hysterically.

Either way he knows he’s won.  Again.


The Culprit.

Do NOT be fooled by the cute.

Beneath that smile lies a deadly aim.

With my older two boys, threatening to ground them for life was usually all it took to calm things down.

(Except for the time when the now 21 year old ditched  out his bedroom window one night after he was told that he couldn’t sleep in front of Target so he could be first in line to get the latest Nintendo game.   He’s still paying for that little lapse in sanity.)

However, since Parker pretty much lives grounded to the perimeters of our property, I’m pretty sure this threat would be rather meaningless.

And while Parker HATES having to walk over, pick up the object just thrown, and then walk back to replace it, this exercise does nothing to deter his behavior.


To be fair, Parker usually resorts to throwing stuff when he is bored.  For him it’s a sure attention getter.  As in “Ow!  Holy crap!  That HURT!”

And Parker gets bored quickly.  In the blink of an eye, Parker’s disinterest takes over and the airspace becomes a hard hat only area.

As it took me seven and a half months of straight puking to get the kid here, having to sell his million dollar butt off to the circus seems a bit sad.

So, besides duct taping Parker’s hands to his head and pouring myself a stiff drink…..you got any better ideas how to convince this kid that the throwing of the stuff must needs STOP?

Cause somebody out there somewhere must have successfully dealt with this.



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