What We’re Doin’

I know I’m way behind in the update thing. I’ve been spending my days keeping our Brave Hero loved on and as pain free as possible.

And changing diapers.

Lots and lots and lots and lots of diapers.

And slathering on vast volumes of bum cream. Cause the rash has arrived.

I overheard a young mother complaining about having to change diapers. She expressed her distaste for the smell. The frequency. The sheer boredom of the task.

I tried to explain to this young mother that her child’s ability to fill a diaper via the typical outlets was nothing more than a true blessing. One for which thanks should be given.

She looked me like I had more than just one screw loose. But that was okay. Both Parker and I knew exactly what I was talking about.

I can honestly say that I give a little prayer of thanks each and every time I need to change a poopy diaper. I totally understand the value of the little things these days.

Parker’s tummy is looking great. The wound is healing so nicely with still no sign of infection. He hasn’t lost much weight at all.

And we are so very grateful.

We are still experiencing lots of this:


And not nearly enough of this:


But today was better than yesterday.

And we have faith that tomorrow will be better than today.


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