What goes up….doesn’t always want to come down…..




Parker loves to hike up his pirate plank.  Up, up, up he goes.


However the whole coming down the pirate plank has never been met with the same kind of  enthusiasm.   Our Hero is a fighter though.  He’s working on walking back down that plank.  He’s overcoming his fears and trusting himself to make his way back down.



I learn so much from this kid of mine.  Choosing to never give up until a goal has been reached is just one of many lessons.



No what goes up doesn’t always want to come down.  But that’s okay.  We’ve all been there.  We’ve all had something we didn’t really want to do, but conquer it anyway.   The since of pride one feels after overcoming a challenge is something that stays with us always.


After all was said and done, and Parker had gone up and down that pirate plank, we did a spot check on his heart rate and oxygen saturations.  Even after all that hard physical work, everything looked beautiful.  An extra special blessing for this Mama who’s child has pulmonary hypertension.


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