Well, Puke

I can’t believe it.  On Wednesday our substitute nurse received a phone call from her babysitter letting her know her kids were throwing up.


About an hour ago Parker hurled from the very depth of his toes.  You can tell by the smell that it is the sick kind of puke, not just the too full tummy sort.

Super Fabulous.

I emptied out his stomach via his g-tube and then suctioned his lungs.  His blenderized diet today was a bright pink.  Guess what color I suctioned out of his trach?  up.  Bright Pink.  Which means he aspirated on what he threw up.   I didn’t suction a ton up, but enough for it to be easily visible.

I’ve changed my clothes, Parker’s clothes, and I have a big load of laundry washing on super HOT water.  I sent the Blue Eyed girl down for a HOT shower.

Clorox Wipes

I even broke out the hospital grade Clorox wipes. 

Super Duper Fabulous.

This poor kid’s Nissen.

I have his trach cuffed in hopes of preventing anything more getting into his lungs.

March and April are Parker’s worst months for sickness.

Looks like we’re getting a head start on the game.

It makes me want to….well, puke.


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