Weighing In At…….

With what we have to pay for ostomy bags one would think that they would hold up a little better than they do. These bags tend to fail (read: explode!) at some pretty miserable times: On our way out the door to a doctor’s appointment. 5 minutes after being put in a new outfit. While Mom is cuddling the Park-meister right after she has showered and dressed for the day. Well, you get the picture. And today was no exception.
But on the upside, today Parker weighed in at a whopping:

It is hard to see in this picture, but Parker is up about 3 ounces!

And we set a goal. By Monday Parker will weigh in at a full 17 pounds! Not too bad for someone almost 21 months old, huh? hee,hee  sigh…..

But you know what they say:  Good things come in small packages!

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About Tammy and Parker

Special Needs Blogger, and homeschooling Mom, heavily involved in advocacy for all kids with special needs in Utah.


  1. I agree with you there! When Kayla was 22 months old she was barely under 20 lbs! Yep still sitting rear-facing in her carseat when she was almost 2 yrs old! She has always been tiny…she’s only now 25 lbs! I know they gain weight slower after the first year, but she sure hasn’t gained much since she was 2!

  2. Snuggle Bug weighed in at 21.6 at 18 months and they consider him in the 3rd percentile for weight. He's always been a bit on the small side.

    I'm glad to hear that Parker is gaining weight! He'll get there, in his own time! And sorry to hear about the exploding ostomy supplies!

    Thanks for your comment on my Older Parent (revealing my age) post.

    I had to laugh when you said that older mothers have a tendency to live longer…if only in their efforts to try to get caught up on laundry! :) Too funny!

  3. Tiny Boy here as well. Tristan was 17 pounds not to long ago. Actually a month ago to be exact but he is almost 20 pounds now. Since he has recovered from Strep and Phnemonia he sure is eating alot. Tristan is 2 1/2 and he weighed approx 16-17 pounds for the past year.

  4. Keep on growing Parker!!!! BTW Tammy – you've been tagged – check out my blog :)

  5. I'm just stopping by to thank you for dropping in on my yesterday. This is my first visit to your site.

    Your baby's adorable. And I'm glad to hear he's gaining some weight. I have one little grandson, 13 months old. Doctor says he's small for his age, too, although we're blessed that he's perfectly healthy. He's just little. But I agree with you 100% Sometimes the best things come in small packages.

  6. Oh, my little bitty 16 month old girl is slightly more than 17 pounds, too. Little tiny kids are the cutest!

  7. he is soooo cute! and I thought my niece was small!

    my son is a giant though – off the charts in height.

  8. Chris says:

    Weigh to go Parker! I just want to kiss your little cheeks!!!

  9. awe, you are so right.. good things do come in small packages and you have one of the cutest ones too!!!

  10. Barb (Michaelsmoommy says:

    I agree, Tammy, only the very BEST things come in small packages. Seventeen is Michael's lucky number these days too. He just hit 17.1 the other day and he feels huge to us which is kind of funny.

    I am so happy to hear that Parker is gaining. Way to go buddy! We think you are awesome! BTW your Christmas pic is still on our fridge and there it will stay. We think of you so often.

  11. Barb (Michaelsmommy says:

    Oops again, Tammy. My comment where I signed in as Michaelsmoomy didn't show up so I now sound like a total loon. My computer illiteracy is showing again. LOL Just wanted to say that our guys are the same size these days! Seventeen is our lucky number too! We love ya Parker. Keep up the good growing.

  12. Barb (MichaelsmOmmy T21) says:

    Maybe MichaelsmOOmy is more the way I feel these days but I really should check my spelling! Yikes! To much stress this week for an old “moomy” like me I guess. LOL

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