Week in Review (with photos!)


Even though we were only the second appointment of the day we wound up waiting over THREE hours in a teeny little room for Parker’s ENT and Pulmo to make their appearances.

Three hours in a teeny, stuffy room does not a happy Hero make.  Especially a Hero who on the way up to PCMC decided to develop a fever.

The verdict?  A September 10th appointment for another FEES study.  If it looks as though Parker’s gag reflex is making it’s way back……we’ll be celebrating!

If not, we’ll be looking at a surgery to partially tack down the Brave Hero’s epiglottis so that each and every little bit of saliva no longer dumps directly into his lungs.

Cause the aspiration pneumonias are getting a wee bit out of hand over here.

Why surgery over Botox, you may be thinking?

Well, even if you are not, I’m gonna tell you.  (Cause I’m still trying to convince myself that I’m making the right decision.)

A permanent issue require a permanent solution.  And if by now the gag reflex isn’t regenerating itself, it isn’t going to.  The reflux (that everybody kept telling me wasn’t happening) will have done irreversible damage.


With surgery, Parker will be able to take small amounts by mouth again.  Something we know he would love to do as evidenced by this:


Note to self: Yes, your kid CAN climb up on the table and attack the rest of your birthday cake.

Thursday was spent hanging out in the hospital while my Dad had two new stents placed in his heart. NEVER eat at Cafe West when hanging out at the hospital in Provo.  Trust me on this one, k?

Friday was a repeat of Thursday.  Minus the Cafe West experience.

Saturday was spent hanging out with the Beautiful Blue Eyed girl and hitting some sweet yard sales.

Our loot included:


CUTE pairs of jammies for Parker.  The cost?  TWENTY FIVE CENTS a pair.


A brand new from Disneyland sweatshirt.  It was too small for it’s original owner.  I then picked it up for FIFTY CENTS.


Here’s Parker modeling his pair of TWENTY FIVE CENT Halloween jammies.  Yes, my kid wore Halloween jammies in July.

Don’t judge me.


I didn’t get to spend time here last week.  Which just might explain why I’m feeling so tense and grouchy today.

Sooo…..tell me about your week/weekend!


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