Visual Tracking and Tactile Activities

Who knew that simple buttons and Velcro would work magic for  visual tracking and tactile experiences.

I love simple and cheap therapy activities, especially if I can put them together myself in less than 15 minutes.


I’m working on Parker’s visual tracking.  He’s pretty good at tracking horizontally.  Vertically he kinda finds it to be too much effort to to follow an object.  Totally typical Hodson boy.  But this skill is necessary to move up the sensory pyramid.

Velcro and button tracking activity

In order to kill THREE birds with one stone, this activity also works fine motor, gives positive sensory input AND helps a kid track.

You can’t see me over the computer, but I’m actually taking a bow.  heh.

buttons and velcro

I grabbed the buttons and Velcro at WalMart.  The buttons were less than $2.00 per package.  The strips of Velcro were also pretty cheap, however those dots were a but ridiculous in price.  Velcro is high on my yard sale seeking list this summer.  All together this activity cost less than $10.00 though, with Velcro left over.

Cut a strip of Velcro, add Velcro dots the back of your buttons, stick them on your strip of Velcro……and that’s it.


Tactile and sensor activities

The object is to use a pincher grasp to pull of each button as your kid simultaneously tracks from left to right (the way we read) or left to right (just for fun) or up and down.

Right here is where I just have a picture of Parker visually tracking and showing off his pincer grip as he pulls off each button.  Instead he’s riding around on his big brothers’ shoulders swinging his oxygen tubing like a lasso.

You win some……you wish your older sons would grow up some.  What can I say?

Try this activity out!  You can use smaller buttons to make it more challenging.  Or you can just barely Velcro the buttons on to make it easier.  It’s pretty versatile!  Come back and let me know what you think.

What kind of activities do you do with your child to encourage them to track with their eyes both horizontally and vertically?


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  1. Oh I seriously love this idea!! I love how simple! And yet seriously effecive. We are out to SLC tomorrow for Botox in my little ones left arm/hand to again keep working on her pincer grasp. This is so mobile too! And I love being able to work on colors. Or even find other shapes / letters/ etc. We are trying to get ready for kindergarten too. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. This looks like a fun game. I’ll have to try it out with my kiddos.

  3. This is a wonderful “invention!” So simple, easy to make (the older children can even help:) and it can be used on a table top, on a vertical surface, and on-the-go! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Kelly says:

    This is fabulous! As a mommy and preschool teacher I love this easy and very versatile idea! You can essentially use anything with velcro on it to offer multiple learning challenges! It works to keep kids busy too, like at the Dr.’s office, in the car, etc.! I’m thinking of attaching my velcro to a board or something portable yet sturdy. Thanks for the wonderful idea!

    • Kelly,

      I’m thinking of putting it on a board too! It’s cheap enough to make that you could do both. Even putting it on a black or white board might be fun.

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