Utah’s Representative Holly Richardson Resigned Today

Former Representative Richardson resigned today in order to work work full time on former Senator Dan Liljenquist’s bid against Senator Orin Hatch’s congressional seat.

That makes not one, but two desperately needed,   level headed legislators to leave open seats for who knows what to fill.

I supported Holly Richardson the moment she brought her beautiful, medically fragile little girl with special needs to my home one day to reassure me that she was one who would fight for kids like Parker to be connected to the $2,000 dollar a month vents that keep them alive.

During a time when I was receiving DAILY emails accusing me of holding a gun to people’s head and ROBBING them in the form of the Travis C. Waiver Parker needs to stay alive, Holly was a bit of hope.

I was thrilled when Holly was chosen to take Craig Frank’s legislative position after it was discovered that Frank didn’t live within that district’s boundaries.

I supported Dan Liljenquist’s desire to return Medicaid and it’s waivers back to the States, saving money, keeping our financial future safe, AND promising social safety nets for the most vulnerable among us.

The thing is, once the state of Utah disentangles itself from Obamacare, the legislature STILL has to vote to fund Medicaid Waivers for kids like Parker..

And, without SANE people like Holly on the legislature it’s not only going to be harder, but damn near impossible to do this.

In case you didn’t know, politicians often don’t run to actually serve. They  run for their own agenda, and to hell if it kills a few in the process.  The same people who fight tooth and nail against abortion are the first to say you’re on your own if that child is born needing any kind of medical support.  They are also the first ones to stand up in Church and testify to how ‘special’ your child is and how ‘honored’ they are to be able to know them.  They just don’t want any of their tax money to go to them.

I disagree with the delegate process in Utah for this very reason.  A small handful decide on who the rest of us get to vote for.  And that small handful of people can often be found traveling around in the pocket of the person they helped to elect.

Please don’t give me the ‘if we return control of Medicaid to the states then people’s taxes will be less and they, along with hundreds of mythical corporations and business will, out of the goodness of their hearts, insure social safety nets are in place.

This simply isn’t going to happen, and I’ve had this conversation ad nauseam.


(Interesting fact:  I have yet to see any parent knowing and willingly allow their child die to make a constitutional point.  It’s always other parents wanting you to let your kid die to make their constitutional point.  )


We’ve had the fundraisers and still worried about losing our home.  We’ve had people donate to Parker’s Tip Jar on his blog.  It’s still a struggle to make sure Parker receives what he needs when we have out of pocket costs.  And the worry is just as real as ever.

Last summer we had an amazing woman make a donation to Parker’s Tip Jar.  She told me to use it on something that would lift my family’s spirit…..perhaps a vacation or something.  You know what?  I simply couldn’t do it.  I wanted to.  But I couldn’t . 

So I put it towards medical debt.  I used  it to stock up on the items we pay out of pocket for on Parker, including stuff from the Special Needs Underground.  I purchased a few much needed items of clothing for my two school aged kids.  And I purchased groceries.  Yup.  Groceries.  My food storage room was at an all time low, and needed to be refilled.  Because my family still needs to eat

Yes, there are some amazing hearts out there.  But there are more diagnoses than even the amazing  hearts , corporations, and Churches can see to.

So while I wish former Representative Holly Richardson all the best, the reality is that the lives of those who rely on social safety nets in this state just go a WHOLE lot harder and much more scary.





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