Using Sticker Books to Increase Reading Vocabulary Words

Using sticker books to increase reading vocabulary words is brilliant.  Seriously.   Parker loves sticker books.  He needs help with his fine motor skills.  Kids with Down syndrome rely on repetition in their learning technique.  With a little bit of prep, this activity meets all the requirements of being awesome.

sticker book

You’ll need:



A Sticker Book.  Some Suggestions:






bee sticker

Laminate the pages that the stickers are on without taking the stickers off.  Does that make sense?  You’ll be cutting the stickers out after you laminate them.

vocabulary words

Laminate the pages that you will match up the stickers to.

Put velcro on the back of the stickers and on the top of the pages they correspond to.


more stickers

I used a 3-hole punch to allow me to put these pages in a 1 inch binder.  It works great to keep everything together.

Space Sticker Book

We have a Space Unit coming up.  I’ll be taking this little beauty and turning it into a took to help Parker increase reading vocabulary words!

Viola’   Now you too have a great activity to help your kid in their quest to increase reading vocabulary words.

So.  Got any sticker books just hanging around?

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