Urgent Prayers Needed

Just when we thought we were in the clear and had a bright window of hope concerning Parker’s health care, yet another bomb lands squarely in our lap.

When they did the lung washings on Parker they discovered iron in the white blood cells found there. Somehow blood has gotten into Parker’s lungs. There are a couple of theories as to how this could of happened. The one that has rocked our world comes from Parker’s cardiologist.

It seems that kids with Pulmonary Hypertension are at risk of having the vessels in their lungs close off and shut down……….causing bleeding in the lungs. A person can live a long life with just one vessel shutting down. But too many vessels shutting down is fatal.

So tomorrow Parker will undergo a sedated echo to get a close look at his lungs and see if this is indeed why there was iron (from blood) found in them. The ususal people who sedate kids for echoes refuse to touch Parker with a 10 foot pole because of that new trach. So Parker will be transferred back to the PICU and this procedure will be performed there.

I am totally devestated. I allowed myself to start hoping that we had been given a new chance to help Parker get healthy and here we have been presented with a potentially fatal curve ball. I am totally and overwhelmingly sick to my heart right now.

Would you please pray that Parker will make it through the sedated echo safely tomorrow.

And would you especially pray that the results show that Parker’s lungs are healthy and that any changes from his base line won’t have a negative effect on his lifeline.

I can’t believe we were so close and now this. I just want to go someplace and cry.

They also started Parker on a trial of Peptamen Jr. yesterday as it was felt that the Nutrimen Plus One might not be able to provide the protein Parker needs.

This afternoon there was a large amount of blood in Parker’s stool again. So off the Peptamen Jr. and back on the Nutrimen Plus one to see if that makes any difference.

Parker needs some serious prayers right now.

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  1. Lots of prayers coming!
    Hugs too
    Love, Kei

  2. Melissa & Garrett says:

    We are praying so hard for Parker.

  3. Oh Tammy, I will say double, and one for you too. Hugs and more hugs

  4. Prayers for Parker coming your way!
    Dani & Hunter Marie

  5. Julie, Emily's mom says:

    Tammy and Family,
    Of course we will be praying for Parker to sail through this echo and also that they find nothing concerning to them with his lungs. I am hoping maybe they just saw some blood from having just had his trach? Could it be that simple. Praying so!

    Much love to all of you.
    Julie, Emily’s mom

  6. Tammy – keeping sweet Parker in prayers, and praying doubly hard for healthy lungs, the right formula to help him grow, and good results from his echo. I’m sorry you have sooo much on your plate right now, and that Parker has to go back to the PICU :( Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you!


  7. Lots of lots of prayers coming your way, as always!

  8. Carey says:

    Tammy, we’re praying for Parker like crazy! He’s constantly in our thoughts and prayers. My heart goes out to you and your family.

  9. Oh Tammy, nonstop prayers coming from us for Sweet Parker and you too. (((((hugs)))))

  10. Praying, praying, praying right now and into the night for Parker and you.

  11. Vicki, Emme's mom says:

    Tammy, We’ll be praying for all of you and for good results. Lots of hugs

  12. You got em!

  13. Saying Prayers for Parker.

  14. I will be praying extra hard for Parker tomorrow.

    Michael couldn’t do Peptamen Jr. either. That is the formula that made him very sick. We switched to Neocate Jr. and did very well. It’s kind of considered a “last resort” choice of formulas so they tend to try other things first (that was our experience at least). Asking God to watch over you tonight, Tammy. Hang in there, friend. That little trooper of yours will come through!

    Barb and Michael

  15. Amy & Emma says:

    Praying so hard for sweet Parker, and you too, Tammy.

  16. Just saw the notice on Raising Joey, and wanted to let you know we are pausing now to pray for Parker and we’ll continue to do so.

  17. Oh Tammy, I’m sitting here crying. I’m so sorry you were hit with this latest medical news and one that is so very scary.

    Your sweet little guy has all of our thoughts and prayers…….We will keep in close in thought and prayer all day and night.

    Big hugs to you……..this is one emotional rollercoaster and you my dear do not need to be riding this type of ride.

    All of our love and prayers,

    Tara Marie :& family

  18. Kay Drakesmom (from T/21) says:

    Praying for Parker and for your family. Hugs also to Parker and Tammy.
    Kay and Drake

  19. Stay strong Tammy! Lots of prayers from our family!!!

  20. Praying for your peace and Parker’s miracle. And sending you a giant hug because it sounds like your tender heart could use one tonight.

  21. Jennifer Sprague says:

    Serious prayers coming!!! Good bless you both, I cant imagine the ride your on!

  22. Rebecca says:

    Praying, of course.
    And God bless you both.

  23. momtojesse (Erin) says:

    You and sweet Parker will be in our prayers. Give Parker a hug for his t21 family.

  24. Still praying God’s will and peace and wisdom for all of you.

  25. Keeping Parker and your whole family in our prayers. (hugs)

  26. Lynnae says:

    I’m praying for you, too.

  27. Sarah

    We are Praying

  28. We will be praying for Parker. And for you. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you. If did my soul good to see him yesterday. Now my heart is aching for you guys again. Give him a kiss for me.

    Sending lots of mircale vibes your way.

  29. Prayers and fasting for Parker. Dear Lord hear us now.

  30. Tammy, I am so sorry this is happening. Praying so very hard for healthy lungs, for a good turn in Parker’s health.

    I just want to hold onto Parker and you. I know you’re alone with him at the hospital most of the time…it has to be so hard. Hold him, love on him and pat his tushie.

    Hugs and prayers always. ox

  31. Oh girl – I am sooooo sorry to hear this!!!!!!!!!! Oh I wish I could give you a hug – AND just FIX all of little Parkey’s problems.

    sending prayers of course….

  32. Lord, right now I pray for Parker, I pray that you will reach down and touch his lungs, I pray that as the Dr.’s perform this procedure tomorrow that all will go amazingly smoothly. God I also want to pray for his precious parents that you will help them during this time of great need. Thank you Father that you hear our prayers and that you are interceding right now for this precious family. In Jesus Precious Name, AMEN.

    Love in Christ,

  33. Many, Many, Many prayers and love to you and Parker. Dear God, keep Parker strong.

    Michelle and Ellot

  34. Chris says:

    I’m going to go with the theory that the blood is from reflux and aspiration until proven otherwise- MANY, many hugs- I’m so sorry I couldn’t get hold of you yesterday…

  35. So very horrible to get such a blow when hope is setting in. My thoughts are with you and Parker.

  36. Im praying for you and Parker. I wish i was there to help you through this. Its ok to cry, you need to be able to let it out. Sending you hugs and prayers all day long.

  37. gtwinmom says:

    I will keep you and Parker in my prayers. I will pray for you have a peace that God is there for you and your sweet baby boy.

  38. Tommy's Mom says:

    Tammy, I am praying for sweet Parker and holding you all close to my heart.

  39. Lots of prayers coming your way!

  40. Tammy,

    I am praying very hard for all of you. I think of you all day long. and thorow up a little prayer!

  41. Many prayers for all of you Tammy. Love to Parker.

  42. You guys deserve a break. Thinking of Parker…stay strong.

  43. Praying.


  44. Oh Tammy. Not fun news… prayers are STILL coming your way. Always…

  45. (((PRAYERS)))

  46. Still praying, Tammy.

  47. Always in my prayers. My kids have started praying too.

  48. Sheryl says:

    (((HUGS))) and continued prayers for Parker, you, and your family.

  49. Oh hon – I will keep praying for your Parker and send some more healing, and lots of love. My daughter told me that she will start praying for Parker and that she hopes that he will start getting better soon.

  50. oh Tammy; I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been thrown this curve ball! I’ve been praying for Parker and hope they can get the answers to what is going on…many many prayers coming Parker’s way!

  51. I’m so sorry, Tammy. Tons of prayers headed your way.

  52. I’m praying Tammy, wish I could be there and give you a hug!

  53. Stacy says:

    Tammy, I am sending up some prayers for your little man. We are all thinking of you and your family. (((hugs)))

  54. Penny says:

    Many, many prayers are coming Parky’s way and yours too. I pray that things start to get better for you all, you’ve been through so much. Many hugs coming your way too. We love you and Parky!

  55. Prayers from our house. I want to do more. What can I do??


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