Updates And A Wish About To Come True

I think we turned a corner last night. Parker has been fever free for 24 hours. Which means that healthy can’t be too far away.

Although this kid is still producing what seems like gallons of snot. I can hear Reed suctioning him via his trach even as I type.

Speaking of trachs, have I ever told you how thankful for that hole in Parker’s throat? While it was the single hardest decision I have ever made, it was also by far one of the absolute best decisions I have ever made.

I received a call from Parker’s Make A Wish team today. Things are coming together. They did ask for us to have two other wish ideas in place in case Parker’s first wish couldn’t be granted.

The thing is I know of absolutely nothing that this kid loves more than being outside swinging, and now climbing! So I’m at a total loss as to other wish ideas and may just ask for Parker’s wish to be put on hold until it could be granted.

Which would be totally worth it.

Even though I hope we don’t have to do that.

Cause Parker lives to go outside and be just like any other typical kid.

And that is one of the goals of Make A Wish. To help give kids the joy and desire to keep on fighting….

and living.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Way to go Parker!! You’re holding your own against being sick. I hope your wish can be made true. A brave hero deserves to be granted his one wish. You’re always in my prayers.

  2. Glad to hear he is doing better! Hope he gets the wish he wants!

  3. Devon says:

    Thank heaven. I am so glad. Hugs to you guys.

  4. beverly says:

    Praying Parker feels better soon. Hope he gets his first wish!

  5. Oh my gosh, what a RELIEF!!! I havent been able to stop thinking about Parker since reading your last post!! Yay Parky :) You strong brave hero!!! I sure hope you are able to get Parker’s first wish!!!!!! He deserved it so much!
    Love and hugs to all,

  6. Oh, I am so grateful he is doing better. Thanks for updating.

  7. Master Dillon's Mom says:

    YAY for no more fevers!!! What a relief for the poor little guy…You ARE a strong cookie!;)

  8. Rock on, Parker! Tammy, everyone in your family has been in my prayers! And, as for the wish, here’s hoping it’s the number one wish. Keep on fighting indeed! Go Parker!

  9. Glad he’s on the mend Tammy……

    We had to do the same thing with Jophies wish..In fact he was granted his 3rd wish…..They went all the way down the line denying the first 2 very quickly because of “certain guidelines” which I later found out was really based on which MAW and which area you were using/getting your wish from…..

    In the end this turned out to be the best wish for him because just 4 months later he landed in the PICU for a month and left with a very “unplanned” trach which would have prevented him from using either one of the first 2 wishes…..

    God knew ;)

    Praying for all bad buggies to continue to exit the Parker building! ;0)

    Trina and Jophie

  10. Prayers answered!

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