Update Friday Noon

I’m about to go down with Parker for his swallow study. This will be followed by a series of upper GI xrays.

They will be placing a NG tube today. Parker has refused anything but Pedialyte since Monday. He is losing weight at the speed of sound.

Starting MEGA reflux meds today. They feel that Parker’s lung xrays from yesterday show some areas where he has been aspirating. I’d like to see a side by side comparision of last month’s x-rays vs. yesterday’s x-rays.

Eval for Bi-Pap today.

On Tuesday Parker will be sedated and undergo a scope of his colon using the upper hole of his stoma as an entrance.

He will also undergo a rigid scope upper GI as well as a bronch scope. ( I can’t remember how to spell that one. opps!)

They will do a eval for a trach while he is under as the consenus is that he is heading in that direction with the new recomended CPAP levels.

Dental wrote that their feelings were that Parker’s teeth were eroded vs. just stained from meds. On Tuesday they will go in and give them a good cleaning and perhaps a cap or two after ENT and Pulmonary and GI get finished with him.

*sweating bullets here*

We will go from the OR to the PICU on Tuesday. ahhhhh! We could be in the PICU for a couple of days and released back to the floor for a few days.

It is going to be a loooooong and scary 7-10 days. I wonder if they could sedate me.

Oh. Reed brought up our itemized bill from last month’s stay up here. They charged us SEVEN DOLLARS an EIGHT OUNCE can of Pediasure.

AND each time the RT comes in to put Parker’s CPAP on it runs us (ahem) FIVE HUNDRED AND TWO DOLLARS. That means we get billed that each and every single night. It takes the RT perhaps 10 minutes of time each night to perform this duty. Yeah. Even if I put Parker’s CPAP on while he is here we STILL get charged.

Is it just me or is there something totally wrong about this. The cost of health care in the US is frightening. Simply frightening.

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