Two Handsome Hunks of Hodson

When we first found out that there was a chance that Parker would have Down syndrome, I gathered my other five kids together and talked with them about it. A little while later , my oldest daughter came up to me and told me that the kids had all gotten together and discussed their feelings and that they were totally fine with Parker having Down syndrome and that as far as they were concerned, Parker was already one of ‘us’ and they loved him.   

My heart was very full of joy that day. Already, to my kids, Parker was just………well Parker. Just another stubbornly adorable Hodson boy. 

All of my kids have special bonds with Parker. The bond between my oldest son, Brant, and Parker is one example. Yup, Parker has my cocky, “I know it all and you don’t” oldest son wrapped around his little finger. This really shouldn’t be surprising since Brant has been a peer tutor for years. Even when Brant was in elementary school I would have Moms call and tell me how much they appreciated the fact that Brant included their ‘differently abled’ kids in whatever he was doing. He was an advocate even then. Brant stood up to anyone who wanted to have ‘a little fun’ at their expense. And when you are included by one of the most popular kids in the school, it just goes to follow that you will be included by the other kids as well. 

Brant is the kid who would volunteer to carry HIS pack as well as another scout’s pack in order for that scout to attend the campouts and hikes. Brant doesn’t see disability, he sees someone to hangout with and have a good time with. 

The other day Brant was supposed to be tending while I ran to the store. This is the scene Reed found when he came home from work:


The blankie on Parker was Brant’s when he was a baby. Brant was VERY much a blankie man. For him to let Parker even near it says how much he adores this kid. Okay, how thankful am I? Although I may have to think twice before I let Brant tend if is going to fall asleep on the job.

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