Tuesday Tush Talk: Updated


Parker’s surgeon is so pleased with what a great job of healing Parker is doing.  😀

He took a look at the Brave Hero’s tush and believe it or not, told us that it didn’t look that bad compared to a lot of tushes he has seen.   For a ‘regular’ diaper rash it still qualifies as pretty terrifying.  But as a former IA kid’s tush it isn’t that bad.

Parker’s surgeon has actually had to readmit kids into the hospital because of such terrible rash, sores and infection.

He did say that this situation could continue for as long as a year.  (!)  And to continue our quest to find just the right bum cream for Parker’s particular patoot. (Try saying THAT three times fast.)

We are heading up to PCMC today to have Parker’s post op visit with his surgeon. Parker’s surgery site looks amazing and is healing beautifully.

However we are still experiencing some terror on his tushie. It is like one day we think it is starting to look better, just to have a new outbreak the very next day.

We get the redness looking less, and the skin breakdown gets worse. The skin breakdown starts healing up and the redness flares.

I have some new ideas to try out. It is just so expensive to go out and buy new creams just to discover that they aren’t helping at all. Yet when I look at the ingredient list of these creams the individual ingredients are pretty cheap.

How come cheap ingredients combined into one cream becomes suddenly so expensive? It can’t cost that much to just blend stuff up.

Ah. Yet another item to add to my ‘things to ponder list’.

You know. When I have nothing better to do.

We did have a birthday party:


Much time was spent trying to figure out how to untie a bow. Finally the older kids couldn’t take it any longer and tried to teach Parker the rip and roll method of present discovery.


Parker isn’t much of a cake eater. So pumpkin pie was served in it’s stead. Pumpkin pie is the perfect texture and consistency for where we are in Parker’s feeding therapies.

Birthday loot included books, a wooden xylophone, and a shapes puzzle. We also found a totally cool hand held drum ( I think it is called a sweet drum?) to use in our quest to teach Parker how to mimic rhythms, which is an awesome early reading activity.

A year ago a friend of mine gave Parker a few Holzitger Animals that her kids had grown out of and were no longer using.

Parker fell in love with these wooden animals.

Mom, however, almost fainted when she googled and discovered how much they cost.

We’ve used these little wooden guys in so many teaching situations and even took one up to PCMC with us this last stay.

I’ve been trolling Craigslist and our online classifieds hoping for someone looking to sell some of these little guys for cheap. But no luck.

I’d love to find two or three for Parker for Christmas. If anyone runs across some for a good price, will ya shoot me an email?

Okay. Off to Primary’s we go!


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