We take Parker up to PCMC for his first echo since his trach was placed. Usually I send Reed up to do anything that involves an echo, but with all of the new equipment that Parker sports it is simply impossible for one soul to take him anywhere these days. Plus somebody has to be sitting in the back with Parker in case he needs to be suctioned during the trip up or back. And to insist that he keep his trach ‘nose’ on. And to make sure he doesn’t decide to yank his whole trach out and scare the living daylights out of his poor, already stressed beyond belief because of this adventure, parents.

They gave us six months to see if this trach would be the answer to Parker’s super high PH levels. Tomorrow will be about two months since the trach was placed. We could surely use some good news.

Between the MAJOR funk I have been in lately and now the stress of tomorrow’s echo results, someone should really just shoot me now.

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This is TWO seat rows worth of space totally taken up with Parker’s ‘must have essentials for traveling’ gear. Except for the oxygen bottles. They are on the floor under Parker’s feet. I literally have to start packing up the night before a trip to the doctor’s. If I wait until morning I’ll never get everything ready.

The red bag is both a diaper bag and an emergency trach bag. This bag stays ready and fully packed at all times. I also have two backpacks full of extra trach, feeding and ostmy supplies in case of an emergency (or an earthquake) and we have to grab stuff and run.

Being the Type A Worrier that I am, knowing that I have everything Parker needs ready to go at a moment’s notice is the only way I can sleep at night.

Yeah. I’m a bit of a fruitcake these days. But when you are dealing with a medically fragile child, you simply can’t be too prepared.


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