Today Started Off With A Bit Of A Bang…..

Parker woke up with a temp of a little over 100. For a kid that usually runs cool that alone is a signal that something is on it’s way. But 45 minutes after administering Tylenol, Parker’s temp climbed to a whopping 103.3.

All I could think of was the PICU stays we have had where Parker’s sats were circling the drain and we need NO2 just to keep this kid breathing. I’m totally out of practice with just the normal kid virus stuff. With Parker I have gotten into a routine of being on constant Red Alert. Never once did it dawn on me that maybe he just picked up a regular kind of everyday bug.

And I sort of panicked. A little more than just a bit. I’d say about an 8 on the Total Fruit Loop Scale. sigh…….

I dialed Parker’s Pedi one one phone and Reed on my cell. I was sure we would need to bring this kid in. And to make matters even more interesting, Brant had just driven off in the car that the car seat was in.

In my desire to make an embarrassing story less painful, I’ll cut to the details. Parker’s Pedi had me give him some Moltrin and bath. We wound up giving him several baths as Parker emptied his tummy into the sink and all over his nurse quite a few times. But once the Moltrin kicked in Parker’s temp is back down to normal and his tummy is doing better.

And me?

Well, I’m eyeballing that one last nerve pill I keep on hand just in case of an emergency.

And giving lots of prayers of thanks that this wasn’t something more serious.

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