To Infinity and Beyond

I’ve been busy planning Rigel’s Open House we’re hosting this Sunday.  It’s a tradition that after the soon to be Missionary speaks in church, family and friends drop by to wish the Missionary well and have a bite to eat.  The weather is supposed to be a little bit cooler, so we are going to set up a tent outside for everyone.

This is a hard back to school year for this Mama’s heart.  One more leaving the nest, one more getting even closer to doing the same.

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned from this parenting thing is that you work to give your child the foundation they need to be able to progress in this life and then give them the freedom to spread their wings and fly.  We  cheer them on and support them as they get used to soaring a little bit father and farther into their own lives.

a little boy with Down syndrome

It’s a big year for Parker too.  We’re going to be expecting more from him academically and in other areas……like potty training.   He’s got the ability, now it’s time to put that ability to work.

Sometimes I think that if I could, I’d keep all of my babies little and under my protective wing.   In reality I know that wouldn’t be what’s best for them.  Even though letting them go sometimes makes for a few bitter sweet days around here.

a little boy with down syndrome sleeping

To infinity and beyond……I think that will be our family motto for this year.


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  1. Maria Cordner says:

    Mammas get a gut feeling about these things…when is time!

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