To all my friends that don’t garden….

To all my friends that don’t garden, I have just one question.



Freshly picked Arugula.

fresh tomatoes and strawberries

Just off the vine strawberries and the season’s first tomato. 

Work has begun to raise the funds to get Parker to Now I  Parker’s Yard Sale is July 27th.  If you are Spring/Summer cleaning and have treasures you no longer need/want, we’d love to add them to the yard sale stash!


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  1. My wife and I just found your blog and we’re already hooked. We just entered the world of “frugal living”, and we’re constantly looking for new ways to save. Have you found that growing your fruits and vegetables saves you a substantial amount at all?

    • Yes, I can honestly say that having a garden saves us money. But you have to be smart. We don’t purchase expensive compost…we just till in our own organic material. I save seeds from one year to the next. We found that using drip irrigation system helped to cut down on our water bill. I can and freeze and dehydrate what we grow which saves us all winter long too.

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