Time To Lock And Load

This wasn’t the most relaxing of weekends. Lots of worry. Lots of questions. Lots of prayer.

Reed already had planned to be out of town Saturday and Sunday.. way before Parker’s cath had been scheduled, so my sweet Mom came to stay overnight and hang out.

And talk me off of any cliffs I might have found myself teetering over.

We watched a lot of movies.

The kind that Reed hates.

We did a lot of laughing.

As well as a lot of laundry.

But in the depths of my heart the worry had already dug itself deeply in. And I don’t see it going away any time soon.

I talked with my dear friend Chris (a nurse practitioner) and her hubby (an anesthesiologist) and got some great ideas. And some hope too.

I must say that I have amazing friends.

I allow myself one day to fall apart. It’s important that I pull myself up by my bootstraps before I get too comfy, if that makes sense.

So, I’ve got my game face back on. I’ve spent the day on the phone making appointments and putting together a new plan.

A very involved plan with lots of steps and lots of questions. One created to search out a miracle or two.

It’s time to lock and load. Cause Parker’s Mama? She’s back in the saddle again. And holding tight to our family’s motto: believe.

(Did I ever show you guys this?  It’s one of the many reasons to choose to believe.)

Before I forget. My friend (and Relief Society President!) Karen emailed to tell me that there will be a ward fast for Parker on October 11th. We invite anyone who is so inclined to join us in petitioning our
Heavenly Father in Parker’s behalf. We would truly be honored to have you join us.


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