I’m hoping Parker has turned a corner. He hasn’t needed any Moltrin all day.


And he passed his eye exam with flying colors!


I was curious how they would test a non-verbal kid to see how well he was able to view his world. With pegboards, puzzles, and tossing out a handful of silver jingle beads to watch how many he would pick up. They then measured the distance of each bell from where he spotted it.


I thought it was fantastic when the last testing technique included the specialist moving way back and tossing a ball to Parker. She prefaced this activity by saying she didn’t expect Parker to actually be able to catch the ball.

Because THAT is a 5 year old skill.

The look of amazement on her face when Parker caught that ball not once, not twice, but each and every time was priceless.

Reed plays catch will all of our kids from the time they are born. Truly. I brought books up to the NICU to share with Parker.

Reed brought a basketball.

Eye exams can really wear a kid out. Parker indulged in a very long nap.

I chose to be a little creative.


It never ceases to amaze me how a scoop of flour, a splash of water and a bit of yeast can transpose itself into something extraordinary.

Like bread.


A loaf of artisan bread in my area can cost anywhere from $6.00 to $8.00. My family can inhale that same loaf of bread in mere seconds.

For less than $3.50 I was able to make a pan full of artisan rolls filled to the brim with cheese….not only on top….but chunks of cheese inside as well. There will be enough left over for a quickie breakfast of toasted under the broiler rolls too.

Tonight though these beauties will be used as deliciously funky buns for our very inexpensive house brand of hamburgers. (You know. The kind you make yourself.)

Hey. Who says you can’t be on an extremely tight budget and still eat great too?


What do you do to make things special for your family……using little or no money?


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