I’m hoping Parker has turned a corner. He hasn’t needed any Moltrin all day.


And he passed his eye exam with flying colors!


I was curious how they would test a non-verbal kid to see how well he was able to view his world. With pegboards, puzzles, and tossing out a handful of silver jingle beads to watch how many he would pick up. They then measured the distance of each bell from where he spotted it.


I thought it was fantastic when the last testing technique included the specialist moving way back and tossing a ball to Parker. She prefaced this activity by saying she didn’t expect Parker to actually be able to catch the ball.

Because THAT is a 5 year old skill.

The look of amazement on her face when Parker caught that ball not once, not twice, but each and every time was priceless.

Reed plays catch will all of our kids from the time they are born. Truly. I brought books up to the NICU to share with Parker.

Reed brought a basketball.

Eye exams can really wear a kid out. Parker indulged in a very long nap.

I chose to be a little creative.


It never ceases to amaze me how a scoop of flour, a splash of water and a bit of yeast can transpose itself into something extraordinary.

Like bread.


A loaf of artisan bread in my area can cost anywhere from $6.00 to $8.00. My family can inhale that same loaf of bread in mere seconds.

For less than $3.50 I was able to make a pan full of artisan rolls filled to the brim with cheese….not only on top….but chunks of cheese inside as well. There will be enough left over for a quickie breakfast of toasted under the broiler rolls too.

Tonight though these beauties will be used as deliciously funky buns for our very inexpensive house brand of hamburgers. (You know. The kind you make yourself.)

Hey. Who says you can’t be on an extremely tight budget and still eat great too?


What do you do to make things special for your family……using little or no money?

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  1. Mmm Mmm, those rolls look yummy! So glad to hear Parker is doing better :-)

  2. I love reading about Parker and thought it was time I let you know I was doing so. And I really love that he caught that ball!

    May I include your Praying for Parker button on my blog? That is if I can figure out how to do it. :)

  3. I like to make my family homemade cinnamon rolls for just pennies per roll ;) … and homemade chocolate pudding … my latest food savings is making homemade hummus dip. Store bought cost for 8 ounces is $5+ dollars … my homemade version costs about $1.50 for 16 ounces.

  4. LOL! Lauren is sitting on my lap right now. I logged onto you site and she gets excited to see Parker (whom she has never met in person). Then she spies the food photos and says “Mom! LOOK! Yummy cheese rolls!” Looks like I’ve got a request to makes some here.

    I’ll send you a bunch of budget friendly recipes from my files in a minute…..

    Much love and hugs!

  5. Cutie boy!!!

  6. Those look great – please post the recipe and/or link to the recipe!

    Glad to read that Parker caught the ball like a pro.

  7. wow those rolls look amazing. Please post the recipe. Ipay the 5 bucks for it at our market sometimes.

    I loved hearing about the eye exam, I’ve always wondered how they test young children!

  8. Yes, you must share the recipe! THey look delicious! I made homemade bagels for the first time a few weeks ago…yummy.

    And I have to say how GOOD Parker looks. His face has really filled out and he looks fabulous! Not that he didn’t look fabulous before, he just looks more fablulous than ever!

  9. OOooh, please post the recipe. I am drooling all over my computer screen!

    Lately we have gotten into making home-made tortillas. We do it as a group activity. Rolling and shaping, frying and eating! We get a good laugh over the shapes we come up with (round hasn’t exactly been easy) Oooh, look, it’s Africa! Yum.

  10. Most everything we eat is homemade. We have made a real effort not eat out at nice restaurants more than 3 – 4 times a year.

    I love making chocolate pudding cake. The cake has a layer of chocolate pudding underneath it when it is done baking. Oh my goodness that is great, even more so with vanilla ice cream :)

  11. I would love that recipe – those look absolutely delicious! I have an almond cake that I like to make my family – it’s one of the only desserts my dh will eat!

    Parker look so sweet – I’m glad he hasn’t had any motrin today and that the vision test went well.

  12. Hooray for you! You do actually have time to be creative every once in a while. Those rolls look wonderful! And I’m glad Parker did well on his tests. Good day!

  13. Those rolls look fantastic!
    As for your question… I too make bread (gonna make some today) as a treat for my family. I know I should make it more often… but I don’t. And they don’t seem to mind that they only get it once in awhile… I also make cookies and other treats from scratch. Lots cheaper and better tasting too :)

  14. Rebecca says:

    Hooray for Parker!
    Those rolls look delicious – can you post the recipe or email it to me?

  15. Oh. Holy cow. I want that right now. Gimme.

    You MUST tell me how to do that.

    And Parker is as good as any five year old any day.

  16. Tanya Harding says:

    Praise God for good news! And, it’s good to see your spirits up, and the beautiful pictures of both Parky and the delicious bread! I started salivating. You amaze me, though I have never met you, you are so amazing you bring tears to my eyes. I have never seen such yummy looking bread and while Parker was sleeping even; I thought to myself, I would be so exhausted I might have crashed in the bed myself, but you YOU make bread for the rest of your family that rivals the cookbook pictures. You are a master crafter full of love and creativity!!!

  17. Hi sweet boy!!! Oh Parker, I am so happy you are feeling better! You are AWESOME!!! Catching the ball like a big boy! I wish I could have seen you! Your daddy is a smart guy isnt he! Look at those gorgeous eyes and they see it ALL, just beautiful! I think this calls for a celebration! Lots of hugs and kisses being sent to you sweetie!

    Tammy, my tummy is already growling and now these rolls, oh my, they look so good! And homemade hamburgers too! One of my favorite meals!!

    Parker looks wonderful, I just love these pictures! I hope you all are feeling better!

    Much love,

  18. That Parker is all KINDS of handsome!

  19. Catch it Parker! Way to go Reed! I love your family.

    I was always amazed at how Wil’s pediatric opthamologist knew what RX he need for glasses at age one year and thereafter since he could not read charts. I can’t even begin to explain what he told me.

    As always I LOVE my Parky fix. :)

  20. Ok first off that little boy of yours is so cute I can barley handle it!!
    Money is REALLY tight around my house and I am absolutely going to try and make some buns like this very soon. They look delicious. Now I am on a Detox diet right now and this photo and description is killing me MMM Hamburgers MMM cheese MMM bread LOL

  21. I’m back. LOL I can’t get your bread out of my head. Anyway you could send me your recipe I really want to make some. NEXT weekend.

  22. Yay Parker! That’s just fabulous!

    (And those rolls look just amazing, Tammy!) :)

  23. LeeJo says:

    We garden and bake from scratch, YUMMO!

    Catch Parker, catch. Just wait till he’s old enough for the Special Olympics!!

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