This Kid Is Sooo Four


Look at this face.

Parker is as typically four as any other kid is or ever has been.

He wants to do it all.

On his own.

And when he can’t, it breaks his heart.

He sees what his brothers and sisters are doing, and he thinks he can do it too. Even if he is at least 4 feet shorter than the rest of them.

Right now we are struggling with Parker wanting to sign his needs to us.

It isn’t a matter of being able to sign, it is a matter of getting Mr. More Stubborn Than One Can Imagine to want to sign.

If Parker can’t manage a task on his own, he wants to point to his desire…or better yet, knowing that we know what he wants, just have us hurry up and do it.

Because Parker’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Mommy Monster requires Parker to sign, there are lots of very sad and mad looks at our house.

I sure hope this phase hurries up and gets over with.

It’s breaking my heart too.


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