Think He Likes It?

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Make A Wish rocks.

You think Parker likes his new play structure?


I’m not quite sure….


Lemme know what you think in the comments section.

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  1. Make a Wish DOES Rock! I’m so happy for you and for Parker. My kids did a lemonade stand this summer, and donated all the proceeds to Make-a-wish (all $17 dollars of it), but still, I’m happy that they were willing to do something for someone else, not just for their own money.

  2. OMG, his smile is so intoxicating and big! What a wonderful, wonderful gift!!

  3. Oh Parker I am so happy for you, I can tell you love your play structure. Have lots of fun. Make A Wish is the greatest

  4. Love it… Bet he’d sleep in it if he could… Very cool… very very cool! :D

  5. He looks like the happiest kid in the world!! :)

  6. that smile says it all……how precious

  7. Gee, that’s a tough one. :)

  8. Definitely a hit! Love that smile!

  9. I’m just not sure Tammy? ROFL!

    Make a Wish does ROCK! They brought loads of smiles to Jophie on his day too! I’m so glad Parkers finally came through!

    More pictures please! :0)

    Have fun Parker!

    Trina and Jophie

  10. I think you are brilliant for wishing for the perfect thing for Parker – at his home, motivating to him, developmentally stimulating, a trigger for learning, something he can share with his family AND giving all us readers more photos of His Royal Cuteness!

  11. Oh my gosh. That picture is PRICELESS. Way to go MAKE A WISH

  12. primarypres says:

    What pure joy in that smile! Love it! Love it! Enjoy your new toy…and post more pics, they make me smile too:)

  13. I got the joy in my heart from these images.

    Swing, slide, climb…GO PARKER GO!


  14. Jennifer says:

    I want to SCRAPBOOK those pictures, they are completely wonderful! Best smile ’09 winner, Mr. Parker!

  15. Wow what a beautiful boy. So happy for him.

  16. AWWWW! Look at that face. I want to swing now.


  17. Oh, Parker, I am all teary over the pure joy in your face. Please post more pics. One of these days I will bring The Love Magnet over to swing with you.

  18. Woot!! for Mr, P!!!! Thank you to MAW and their wonderful volunteers for making this happen.

  19. PRICELESS!!!!!! Thanks for sharing the example of such HUGE joy from such a simple thing. I can’t imagine what that did to your heart seeing Parker for the first time “soaring” through the air in the swing. I’m feeling it in my heart and I’m not even his mama :)

  20. I am crying right now Tammy. That second picture just makes my heart sing! I love Parker so much and seeing him so happy is the most beautiful thing in the world. I actually got butterfliies in my stomach when I saw these pictures. I am so happy that Parker has something to bring him so much joy and happiness. I do not know of anyone that deserves it more!! I wish I could hold him and kiss him, he is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU Tammy, for showing these beautiful pictures of two gorgeous, happy brothers!!!!!!!!!!! You must be over the moon right now. I am so excited for you all!!

  21. The first picture is beautiful too, I wasnt saying it isnt, lol! Something about the second picture just made me cry though. Parker has the most genuine smile of pure happiness in these pics. I just love that little guy so much!!!!

  22. What awesome pictures! :)

  23. OH.MY.GOSH!!

    That is the sweetest ever!!! Yey Parker!!!

  24. Stacey says:

    And that is what makes life worth living. The moments of pure unadulterated joy in our childrens lives. Swing high Parker, the sky is the limit for you Brave One!

  25. An absolutely heart warming smile!

    So glad he is enjoying it. He definitely deserves it!

  26. valmg

    Hi Tammy.
    That smile is amazing and he’s so beautiful that it brought tears to my eyes.
    I’m so glad he’s enjoying it and that Make A Wish was able to do that for him.

  27. I think Parker got the PERFECT wish :) Hope he enjoys many MANY more incredibly joyful days swinging and sliding away!!!

  28. I’m not sure… I may need more proof…. More pictures may help. I could just look at pictures of this child all day long!

  29. Chris says:

    Go Parky Baby! We are so happy for you! You truly deserve it :)

  30. Chris says:

    BTW if that sets includes a slide, Nana will be right over to play, lol!

  31. Hello Sweet little Parker and mommy Tammy! I learned about you and your blog from Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage… she is the most wonderful lady! Parker looks like he is having so much fun on his new swing, what precious pictures! I love you too little Parker! Kisses to you! Julie Marie

  32. beverly says:

    He looks so happy! love that photo!

  33. Oh Tammy that is wonderful that Parker received his wish!! I hope you’ll do a longer post later about everything surrounding this wish! How exciting for Parker – I’m so happy!


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