Things you never think about until you become a parent of a kid with special needs.

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I got to thinking today about all the things that occupy my brain, that never would have even crossed it before Parker was born.

Things like:

  • Will this stroller fit throw that door frame?
  • I wonder if I have time to shower today….  No?  Eh, it’s only been a week.
  • Can I change out this trach without having a huge wad of snot launched right between my eyes?
  • Naw, that alarm isn’t coming from a Kangaroo feeding pump.  It’s an Infinity.  The tone is lower.
  • How many used trach noses do you think Parker’s hucked down the air vents anyway?
  • It’s time to retire the word ‘retard’ and all it’s derivatives.
  • Grocery money?  Who needs grocery money?  Didn’t we just buy groceries….what…..6 months ago?
  • Will my local Legislative Representative, in a fit of over the top Tea Party fever, vote to cut Medicaid to kids on both trachs AND vents.  Wouldn’t that be swell.  What a Patriot!
  • Could I be any prouder of this kid of mine who learned to walk at the age of 3?  (I don’t think so.)
  • So, do we go with a surgery or drugs for Parker’s aspiration?   (ACK! I still don’t know.)
  • Braces for #3 and her weird molar ruining cross bite, or super expensive $150.00-dollar-a-box-NOT-covered-by-insurance-formula for Parker?
  • Think the night nurse will actually SHOW UP tonight?   (She didn’t.)
  • Why, exactly, do these oxygen tanks have to be so damn heavy?
  • How can one little kid with an extra chromosome make my heart swell with so much love that I don’t even have words to express it’s depth?

What about you?  What are some of the things that YOU never thought about until you became the parent of a kid with special needs?

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Special Needs Blogger, and homeschooling Mom, heavily involved in advocacy for all kids with special needs in Utah.


  1. Stephanie Wyatt says:

    Tammy – I have to send you a private e-mail about something that has been on my mind for awhile.



  2. Stephanie Wyatt says:

    OK. I sent you a huge e-mail. I am pretty sure you are going to think I lost my mind. LOL!


  3. While out and about, where can I change my eight year old’s diaper?

    Who will take care of my daughter when I am gone?

    I’m sure I have more, but those are the ones on my mind now…

  4. McCall Hodson (Kid #3) says:

    I am very grateful for my amazing parents who allowed me to get these expensive braces! :D (Even though it was my mommy who genetically gave me the molar-ruining cross bite…tee hee ;-D) LOVE YOU!

    • McCall, I know getting braces at 19 isn’t the best for a girl’s social life….but just think, by the time you are 21 you’ll have a perfect bite!

      Love you back girlie!

      • McCall Hodson (Kid #3) says:

        Yeah….it’s not really the best thing for me not to be able to say the word “thirty” or “card” without having to repeat myself over and over again. But that’s okay ;-D

  5. 1. Cleaning up puke on an hourly basis for months is a normal thing.

    2. Should I drop the baby or the oxygen tank…and if I drop the tank…will it blow??….cause I can’t hold both anymore…my arms are gonna break.

    3. Spend my son’s toddler years…untangling him every 4.5 seconds

    4. wonder if my child was going to live to be an old man

    5. wonder if my son will get to go on a mission

  6. Chris says:

    In any given location: where are the doors and how easy are they to open? How much of a sprint will I have between the door and the road? Who will I get to help if I can’t find my 6 year old because she did it (ran away) again?

    BTW MCCall YOU deserve all things bright and beautiful, too!

  7. christine says:

    How many more medications can one child need?

    How many more diseases can one child have?

    I used to wonder how parents of medically fragile kids did it, now I don’t wonder…you just do it.

    How little sleep can one adult survive on and still go to work in the morning?

    What amazing thing does God have in store…because I know he does?

  8. I think you’ve got them all!!

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