Things you never think about until you become a parent of a kid with special needs.

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I got to thinking today about all the things that occupy my brain, that never would have even crossed it before Parker was born.

Things like:

  • Will this stroller fit throw that door frame?
  • I wonder if I have time to shower today….  No?  Eh, it’s only been a week.
  • Can I change out this trach without having a huge wad of snot launched right between my eyes?
  • Naw, that alarm isn’t coming from a Kangaroo feeding pump.  It’s an Infinity.  The tone is lower.
  • How many used trach noses do you think Parker’s hucked down the air vents anyway?
  • It’s time to retire the word ‘retard’ and all it’s derivatives.
  • Grocery money?  Who needs grocery money?  Didn’t we just buy groceries….what…..6 months ago?
  • Will my local Legislative Representative, in a fit of over the top Tea Party fever, vote to cut Medicaid to kids on both trachs AND vents.  Wouldn’t that be swell.  What a Patriot!
  • Could I be any prouder of this kid of mine who learned to walk at the age of 3?  (I don’t think so.)
  • So, do we go with a surgery or drugs for Parker’s aspiration?   (ACK! I still don’t know.)
  • Braces for #3 and her weird molar ruining cross bite, or super expensive $150.00-dollar-a-box-NOT-covered-by-insurance-formula for Parker?
  • Think the night nurse will actually SHOW UP tonight?   (She didn’t.)
  • Why, exactly, do these oxygen tanks have to be so damn heavy?
  • How can one little kid with an extra chromosome make my heart swell with so much love that I don’t even have words to express it’s depth?

What about you?  What are some of the things that YOU never thought about until you became the parent of a kid with special needs?


  1. Stephanie Wyatt Nov 1, 10
  2. Stephanie Wyatt Nov 2, 10
  3. Debbi Henry Nov 2, 10
  4. McCall Hodson (Kid #3) Nov 2, 10
    • Tammy & Parker Nov 2, 10
      • McCall Hodson (Kid #3) Nov 4, 10
  5. Sarah
    Nov 2, 10
  6. Chris Nov 2, 10
  7. christine Nov 2, 10
  8. Tiffany Nov 3, 10
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