Things that can drive a special needs Mama to drink…

Across my Twitter stream this morning came the news.

All that waits is the official announcement.

Carl Wimmer is running for Congress.

Wimmer says his exploratory committee has raised more than $100,000, and he likes that he has about 180 individual donors. He declined to be more specific.

Let me get this straight.  A man who’s biggest claim to fame is legislation to name a State Gun has people who can’t wait to throw money at him to ‘explore’ a potential run for Congress.

Yet thousands of us in this same state fight tooth and nail to try and provide our medically fragile children with the medical care they need, being told that if we would only turn to private charities and churches all would be well.

Did I mention I’m still trying to beg my way to an extra g-tube or two for Parker?  Seems as though all the private charities and churches are fresh out of ‘em.

BTW,  Wimmer wouldn’t blink an eye on a sweeping vote against Medicaid waivers if it meant keeping his darling status with the Tea Party fraction of Utah’s Republican Party.

Oh, and did I mention that Mike Lee, the other darling of Utah’s Republican Party, will be hosting a fund raiser for Wimmer in DC on June 14th.

Wimmer is a modern day Constitutional Chameleon, changing his colors depending on the politics of the person  he is standing next to.

Maybe we need to surround Wimmer with a whole lotta medically fragile kids with special needs. Invite him to change a few ostomy bags, suction a few snot plugs, perform a few bolus feeds,  review a few medical bills and credit card statements used to pay those bills with?

Oh. Wait.  I already did that once.

Wimmer declined.

Yup, this is the kind of stuff that can drive a special needs Mama to drink…..

I’ll bring the Diet Dr. Pepper if you’ll bring the ice.



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  1. Chris says:

    The government is broke, and while I don’t really like Carl Wimmer and Mike Lee, you can’t hold these TEA party candidates up as darlings of the GOP. God forbid we encourage people to cut something in order to reduce debt. I’m all for cutting some defense spending, but some entitlement programs are going to have to take a hit, or your taxes have to be hiked in order to fund them. That’s the reality of the thing. I know that you struggle, I’ve spent nearly half my life working with children with disabilities, don’t think I’m an insensitive jerk. But the government has no money of it’s own to give you. The people you should really ask is China. It’s their money that comes to you through Medicaid and it has been for years. I’m sorry that the proposed solutions put you in a bind, I have no insurance and my wife has a lot of health problems, I pay my own medical bills and it costs a lot of money. I’m a college student, and a janitor, not big money makers. But what do you want? We’ll either just continue increasing our debt, or we can dig out of the hole.

  2. Chris says:

    Dear Tammy:
    Please disregard the first comment I left. Upon re-reading I realized I came off as a total jerk. I respect your struggle to give your son the best life possible, and I wish you well. I sometimes get frustrated with the whole healthcare debate, and I speak before thinking. I do apologize. I am sorry for coming off like such a jerk. I would ask you to not post my two comments on this post. I really feel like an idiot.

    • Chris,

      NO worries. I get where you are coming from. Truly.

      I do think there are ways to address this. If you don’t follow Senator Dan Liljenquist on FB and Twitter you should. It has a sane approach of returning the safety net to it’s original intentions. Nothing fancy. Just the absolute medical care necessary for the absolute weakest among us……after their families have done everything they can on their own.

      Another good follow? Representative Holly Richardson

  3. Cathy says:

    I WILL bring the ice and the kids and stand with a sign with a big ass chameleon on it outside of his next fundraiser with you! Just LMK when lady.


    Anyway, guess what? I am taking this graduate class on nursing policy and blah blah blah…and, anyway, I wrote my big paper on the medicaid waiver and you’re buddy and the “have a picnic”…

    Not that it will do any good, but I’m trying.

    Maybe we should run for Congress…then people would donate us money. I bet we could win and not even need money. We could solve national debt with cooking at home and avoiding Happy Meals (but survival on Dr. Pepper is a must).
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  5. dang i knew that we could be the whole diet dr pepper just seals the deal.

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