They Want HOW Much? The Language Builder Picture Cards

I spent today putting together all of the  lesson plans, art projects, finger plays etc., for Parker from September through December.

I figure it is better to drive myself nuts a couple a times a year,  than making myself nuts every Sunday for the entire year.

I’m beat.  This is a HUGE job.  I’m in awe of families that home school more than one child.  I’m just not that talented.

Parker’s IEP is Thursday.  I adore his pre-school teacher that comes once a week.  Together we have come up with learning strategies that Parker really responds too.

Our strategies usually start out with either hands on items, or flash cards where Parker becomes familiar with what our new topic of study is.

Once the basic idea has been mastered, I bring in more abstract activities.  These activities require Parker to take the flat, one dimensional mastery of what he has learned and requires him to assimilate it into other situations.

Kind of a hierarchy of cognitive skills.

We decided that this approach would work well to increasing Parker’s signing mastery.  The kid hears and understands every single thing I say.

But signing.  Only if there is something really big in it for him.


We decided to use flashcards of actual objects to help increase his base of signs. Intergrading them into our weekly subjects.    Research shows that using pictures of a real object trumps using cartoon pictures.

Except the flashcards using actual pictures are outlandishly rather pricey.

Case in point:


Amazon’s Price: a whopping $144.99.

Holy expensiveness Batman. What are these things….. backed in gold?

I do like these because they start out as just the picture on a white background.

Then they move up to where the picture is on a background that represents a more natural setting.

But the price?   Ain’t gonna fly.  No way.  No how.

In the past I’ve taken actual pictures of objects. But that is very time consuming. And not to mention expensive considering they also need to be backed by card stock and laminated. And I have to make it to Walgreens to pick them up.

So, I’m hoping that my amazingly talented and resourceful readers might be able to give me an idea of where of I can purchase these MUCH cheaper.

Or maybe even share some ideas on how to replicate this idea for less.

Hit me with your best thoughts!


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