The Ultimate Blog Party!

Finally! It’s here! The Ultimate Blog Party !This grand event is being hosted by 5 Minute for Mom and comes complete with prizes, party favors and fun! Be sure to stop by and checkout the headquarters of all this activity!

Welcome! Welcome! I’m so glad you could stop by! Take your shoes off, grab a Dr. Pepper (purchased on sale for 4 fridge packs for $11.00 plus $2.00 extra off in coupons, of course!) and a glass of ice and kick back for a moment or two! I see some familiar faces and some new ones too! I’m so excited to have you here!

I’m a Mom to 6 (!) kids! I started this blog as a way to share our family’s journey with our littlest blessing, Parker. Perhaps you’ve seen one of his buttons (Praying for Parker) on some of the blogs you visit. Parker was born with several serious medical problems as well as a little something extra: an extra chromosome on his 21st pair, or Down syndrome.

I wanted this blog to very honestly relate our experiences with the land mine we call our insurance company, Parker’s health concerns, our daily life and the overwhelming love that Parker brings into our lives. I want Parker’s life to be a first hand example of the marvelous potential a child born with Down syndrome has. Parker has already touched so many lives in the 2 short years he has been with us. I can’t wait to see what other amazing experiences he has in store for us.

Being the Mom to ALOT of kids also means needing to be very budget wise and creative. I’m a group blogger over at Faith Lifts, hosting the Frugal Living Blog. With all of Parker’s medical bills I find myself needing to hone my frugal skills to the BLACKBELT level! And thus the theme of MY personal little blog party:

Share YOUR best money savin’, tightwadin’, frugal ideas with me here! Yup! Just add it to your comment……which of course you were already planning on leaving anyway, right? And, who knows, YOUR idea just may find itself on the Frugal Living Blog…….complete with acknowledgement to you AND a link to your blog!

Maybe you might like to share your favorite Frugal living resource!

Or your best couponing information!

How about your favorite frugal website? Or that ‘tried and true- end of the month- the pantry’s bare- super cheap- feeds a crowd’ recipe that you couldn’t be without?

I can’t wait to hear all YOUR great ideas!

BUT, if you are too busy Party Hopping to leave an idea right now, don’t worry!  Just be sure to leave a comment so Parker and I can come and visit you too!

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