The Thrill Of The Yard Sale Hunt

Tomorrow I’m meeting up with some friends and together we are going to christen the season.

The yard sale season.

I’ve been hanging out on Map Quest planning out our route.

I’ve got my yard sale financing ready to roll.

And I’ve got my list of Must Finds:

Like cheap plates with decorative edges that I can spray paint.  I have a wall in my dining room just waiting for something like this.

Maybe I’ll run across some cheap glass plates.  I would love to get my hands on some of those, spray paint the back and add a coat of clear acrylic sealer and viola! Charger Plates.  Do you know how much chargers plates cost?  Ka-ching!

I’ll be looking out for those old cheese platters thingies.  Can you say CLOCHE?  Hellllooooo Beautiful.


The Thrifty Decor Chick is one of my daily must stops. I spend way too much time there drooling uh…..dreaming.


I’d love to find something wonderful to etch. Look what Sarah from Create Studio found. And then made.  She even shares a tutorial. Some girls have all the luck.  And skills.

But FOR SURE I’m going to be looking for big art frames. With the art still in them even! I NEED MUST HAVE…..will die if I can’t me one of these:


I found the idea and the tutorial at Emmy lu.

I’ve got an idea!  Shall we meet up here a little bit later?

I show you my treasures if you show me yours.


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  2. HennHouse May 21, 09
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