The Struggle To Get Your Kid To Eat

One of the biggest concerns I hear from Moms of kids with special needs is how can I get my kid to eat?

Forget the healthy.  They are just talking about getting calories into their kid.

I gotta admit, this is where a g-tube is a blessing.

Due to choking issues, many kids with special need their diets to be pureed before they can eat them.  Kids with Down syndrome often need stronger flavors to be able to taste what they are eating.

I’m by no means a feeding specialist. But I can share a few ideas we used with Parker before he went NPO, and hopefully we’ll be able to employ again if we get the okay to feed him orally again.

  • We used lots of Mrs. Dash in Parker’s meals.  No salt, just lots of herbs to give an added burst of flavor.
  • We added dry Ranch seasoning to cream cheese and then allowed Parker to eat that using his beloved Cheetos as a ‘spoon.’
  • I added extra butter and sour cream to Parker’s homemade mashed potatoes.  Extra fat = extra calories.
  • I made yogurt using whole milk and adding a few extra scoops of powered milk.
  • I made refried beans using extra butter and olive oil……and garlic.  Parker loves him some garlic.  Wonder where he got that from?
  • Kids with trachs don’t have the same sense of smell as non-trached kids.   Each time we fed him orally we made sure he had his speaker valve on.  The sense of smell plays a big role in finding foods worth the time to eat.

Of course, even with these foods Parker still had his g-tube as a back up.

But lots of kids don’t.

What do you do if your kid will only eat a handful of foods?

Or only sweet tasting foods?

How do you make sure your child gets enough nutrients to grow and be healthy?

Please share what has worked for you in the comments section.  I know there are many Moms out there looking (praying) for tried and true ideas to help their kids eat.


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