The Stress. It is Ginormous.

Parker’s day has been full of Miralax and Pedialyte.

Lots and lots and lots.

And nothing else.

When receiving the directions on how to do Parker’s bowel clean out I heard the nurse say ‘one CAPSULE’ of Miralax.

So, I was confused when all I could find was bottles of Miralax full of Miralax grains……no capsules.

The Pharmacist told me that for Parker’s size one teaspoon would be the best dosage for his clean out.

Uh. Nope.

I called back up to PCMC and discovered that the orders are ‘one CAP FULL’ of the stuff.


Uh. Ginormous difference.

Parker’s poor tummy.

Mom’s poor nerves.

Parker’s surgery has been pushed back to almost 11:00. It seems as though the PICU is full and they can’t take the Brave Hero into surgery until there is a bed available.

Reed will be with me tomorrow. Then he and my other kids will be driving down to attend the funeral of Reed’s brother, Steve. I’ll be there in spirit.

Our hearts simply ache with his loss. Especially Reed’s. Reed will be speaking on Saturday and is in the safe room with Parker right now watching old family vids and putting to paper is love and admiration for his big brother.

This week. It’s been rough.


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