The Plan

This afternoon we are taking Parker to PCMC to have a stoma study performed.

During a stoma study they place radioactive dye into the stoma and up through the bowel. You can follow the dye on a small screen. This will give us an idea as to what may be going on up there.

The worst part of this experience is that they use ace bandages to wrap Parker’s legs and arms with to make sure that he remains immobile.

Parker hates this.

Thankfully Reed will be going with me.

I spent yesterday trying to set up payment plans for several thousand dollars in bills we owe PCMC and our home health care company.

How, exactly, can these business claim non-profit status when they charge an interest rate that as high and higher than the interest rate on both our credit cards and home?

One bill is for Parker’s formula during his last surgery. For two 3.5 ounce packages of formula plus 12 mls of microlipids and 890 cc’s of water they charge us over ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS A DAY.

And, as usual, we qualify for no financial assistance what so ever because Reed has a job and insurance.

It doesn’t matter that what we are paying out in medical stuff is far greater than what we are bringing in.

The very confusing part is that if we had NO insurance then PCMC would bend over backwards in helping us set up an INTEREST FREE payment plan based on what we could afford to pay each month. Because that way they would at least get some of their money back.

We of course need to ante up so that they don’t turn us over to collections. They have sent us their last warning so that (as our bill says) we have this final opportunity to PROTECT OUR CREDIT.

So much for providing services no matter one’s ability to pay.


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