The Parker Experience

The days are all running into each other up here.

Well, we can scratch Bi-Pap off of our list of hopefuls. Just like the CPAP experience, Bi-Pap caused Parker’s heart to beat in rhythms too funky to consider any where near normal. Plus a heart rate hanging in the low to mid 40’s is not the stuff dreams are made of.

So, the ENT came to talk to us and prepare us for The Trach Experience.

There is still a posibility of Parker’s issues being Reflux related with a few Micro Aspirations thrown in for good measure. In which case we will need to prepare for The Nissen and G-Tube Experience.

Or, if we are especially lucky, we may just get to experience All Three.

I won’t even go to that special place where we wonder where in the heck all the blood loss is coming from. Hopefully Tuesday will give us some very easy answers to that one.

But each time Parker looks up at me with those huge eyes and smiles.(or pulls off my glasses and throws them across the room while frantically signing “No! No!”) I know from the depths of my soul that every second of The Parker Experience is nothing short of a blessing for which I am forever thankful for.

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