The Great Escape….

Okay, a little behind the scenes info here:

Parker has been going up and down the big fight of stairs that connects our upper and lower levels.  It’s kinda fun to watch him go up and down them.  He’s much more confident (and quicker!) going up!

Parker actually began last night’s great escape from our upstairs family room when he heard the front door open.  He raced across the family room, down the hall and then made his way down the front door step.

You don’t see this in the video because I was racing to find my Flip.  Seems the last person who used it didn’t put it back in it’s proper place.


Besides the excitement of our Hero  doing such a great job making it down (and up!) the stairs is the blessing that even with all the physical effort, he isn’t short of breath, sweating,  blue around the lips….nothing…..even when he is running all over the house and climbing up our big indoor flight of stairs.

He doesn’t stop to sit down because he’s tired.  He’s stops to sit down so he can scoot to the edge of the stair….the way his PT taught him.

That might not be important to you, but it is to this Mama who is constantly on the lookout for signs of Parker’s PH manifesting.

PS: Reed and I crack up each time we watch this and see how Parker hesitates before he makes his escape over the grass. Our kid HATES the feel of grass on his feet. He is EXCEPTIONALLY tactile defensive with anything on his feet.



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