The First Swing of Spring


Headed out for the first swing of Spring yesterday. Do you think he liked it? Cause, really, I’d hate to force him to do something he hated.


We put a wish request for Parker through Make A Wish. I’d been ask to do this before, but kept thinking really, what does a non verbal kid wish for?

And then it hit me. A new swing set. With bucket swings and a slide and a pirate ramp. Something that Parker could use for years as well as something to help him gain new skills and grow.

I was still hesitant when the offer was presented to me a few weeks ago. I kept thinking that Make A Wish was for kids who were dying. And I simply not willing to go to that place.

But it was pointed out to me that Make a Wish is for kids with life threatening diseases. Terminal isn’t a prerequisite.

And, often, wishes granted by Make A Wish give very sick kids a reason to fight harder and live.

Live. One of my most beloved words. Ranks right up there with healthy and happy.

We don’t know if Parker’s request will be accepted. But just in case someone from Make A Wish sees this, please know that swinging and playing outside is Parker’s very favorite of favorite things to do.


And you would be making one amazing kid the kind of happy that dreams are made of.

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  1. My eyes filled up with tears the minute I saw that happy little face! There is nothing more beautiful than a smiling Parky! YAY spring!!! Love you little guy!! Oh I hope he gets that swingset!!!!
    Love to all,

  2. Ohhh I SO hope his wish is granted! I’m sure it will be!!! How could they NOT give Parker whatever he wanted in the whole world?! And he is SO SO deserving of a Wish. Seriously. I’m glad you applied!

  3. I thought you’d want Rachel and the ST crew to come visit. Maybe they would come to the grand unveiling of the swing?

  4. Parker sure looks like you are having a great time on your swing.

    Make A Wish is an awesome organization. You do not have to have a terminal condition, Junior’s was considered life threatening which is why he quailfied and had his wish granted 4 years ago.
    Sure hope Parker qualifies and gets his swing.

    Here is the link to an organization that gives small grants for children with disabilities(max $500), they will purchase mobility/recreational items. Junior received a wonderful, special needs swing from them.

  5. He certainly does look happy in that swing.

  6. He looks ecstatic! What fun… Hope he gets his swing!

  7. What great pics – he is growing into such a handsome little man!

  8. I think a big nice swingset would be perfect for him and practicing new skills. And of course some cool swings that are easy for him to use. Great idea!

  9. My heart wishes Parker’s wish comes true.

    And my heart loves these images of our brave hero just being a boy.

  10. This is so cute! We put my daughter on the swing and she HATED it!! Prayers for you to get your wish!

  11. Very cool! Would Parker enjoy wearing some shades while on the swing? I forgot – does he like a mirror – you showed one photo at the ballet bar – ? He might like a little play with hats, too, in front of the mirror.

  12. Oh, that would be so wonderful! I guess you can’t wish for you medical bills to be erased, can you?

  13. That would be awesome if he got that. A GREAT wish. I have friends who have adopted HIV positive children that have gotten wishes (HIV is not considered terminal in this country..just chronic) so it really doesn’t have to be a child on the brink of life— BUT I imagine that with the economy their funding is getting rearranged. I wish people would donate and donate because these kinds of projects make such a big difference….

    He looks so grown up now!

  14. Ahh yes Spring! We’ve had our first swing of the season as well and it was glorious! Way to go on the Wish!

    Make a Wish granted Jophies just over a year ago and I to cringed at the thought in fact we’ve had MANY along the way who have been “angry” if you will because of the granted wish. I always politely reminded them that I would give it ALL BACK to know my son would live. That usually fixed the problem ;0)

    Jophies wish was granted due to his Medically fragile state as well as the degenertive/progressive lung disease. We really had a hard time trying to decide what to ask for….Everything he loved was outside and all things surrounding the water/pool/hot tub ect….

    Unfortunately Make A Wish won’t grant water type wishes for kiddos who can’t swim on their own.

    Sooo, we put on our noggins together and came up with his next favorite thing! Watching Movies! They converted our living room into a Movie Theatre complete with comfy chairs and cotton candy machine! ;0) It has been the best thing we have ever had done for him! His outside wheelchair swing being the next ;0)

    I hope Parker gets his wish granted so he can get as much enjoyment from his as Jophie has…….

    P.S…..CYE …..Lots of goodies and a link…I used your new addy ;0)
    Happy Spring!
    Trina and Jophie

  15. I love how care free he looks. I hope Parker gets his wish granted; he deserves it!

  16. I think that is a perfect wish! He most definitely deserves it! What a sweet smile.


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