The First Swing of Spring


Headed out for the first swing of Spring yesterday. Do you think he liked it? Cause, really, I’d hate to force him to do something he hated.


We put a wish request for Parker through Make A Wish. I’d been ask to do this before, but kept thinking really, what does a non verbal kid wish for?

And then it hit me. A new swing set. With bucket swings and a slide and a pirate ramp. Something that Parker could use for years as well as something to help him gain new skills and grow.

I was still hesitant when the offer was presented to me a few weeks ago. I kept thinking that Make A Wish was for kids who were dying. And I simply not willing to go to that place.

But it was pointed out to me that Make a Wish is for kids with life threatening diseases. Terminal isn’t a prerequisite.

And, often, wishes granted by Make A Wish give very sick kids a reason to fight harder and live.

Live. One of my most beloved words. Ranks right up there with healthy and happy.

We don’t know if Parker’s request will be accepted. But just in case someone from Make A Wish sees this, please know that swinging and playing outside is Parker’s very favorite of favorite things to do.


And you would be making one amazing kid the kind of happy that dreams are made of.


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